Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Wanna Get Nuts... Let's Get Nuts! - Part 2

Because I know you're all wondering - no, I haven't heard back from Major League Baseball yet and I don't really expect to. But I have news. I found something from the Globe and Mail that I thought I'd share. It made me feel a little less crazy anyway. Some days I feel like Heston in The Omega Man when all those phones start ringing - everything else has gone crazy but I'm still sane, only everyone thinks I'm crazy because I'm the only sane one. If you've watched enough movies you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, here is William Houston's Globe article from yesterday explaining the conflicts that Sportsnet has with the upcoming LCS's - read it here.

At least someone finally explained what was/is happening, now I'd just love to hear someone from Rogers explain why it's happening. My hopes are not up.

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Trebor said...

The last part of the article is interesting. If it's between NFL and MLB, you'll get MLB.

I know just cause i like football doens't mean everyone does, but I was listening to ESPN yesterday they said something like the MNF game had 20-25% more viewers than the elimination MLB game. I'm sure numbers can be confirmed via net for someone who doesn't have work to do, but I wouldn't doubt it. NFL is head and shouders above all other sports in north america.

So why not provide broadcasts that the majority of people will watch??