Friday, October 5, 2007

The Links

Back by the slightest degree of popular demand.

...I swear I was woken up yesterday morning by the sound of my upstairs neighbour belting out this song at 7:00AM - and I mean belting. I'm not even kidding - there's no way I could make that up.

...This video makes me feel really, really bad for Jason Alexander - how hard up for work is he?

...Now this video almost made me feel bad for Paris for about 0.001 seconds until I remembered she's Paris Hilton.

...Did you ever wonder where all the hobos went? John Hodgeman explains.

...I know you've heard them all before - but now you can hear them straight from the horse's mouth.

1 comment:

Trebor said...

damm you luke, made me listen to country, not once but twice ?? there should be a warning on this post.

Whatever happened to that show ??? Listen up.... i think that's what it was called.