Friday, October 19, 2007

Artist of the Week

This week's Artist of the Week is The National. Now I'd never heard of them before about last Wednesday but I think they're actually pretty big news in certain circles. So if this doesn't qualify as a band you've never heard of I apologize. I actually heard a song of their's on NBC's Chuck and it was the only good thing I ever got out of that show.

The National is a monster combination of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, The Strokes and The Killers. You should definitely check them out.

Their official website is: There is a link to them performing on Letterman as well as a National Public Radio show.

You can also check out their Myspace site at:


Jeff K said...

...I would say substitute The Strokes and The Killers for The Bloc Party and The Stills.

...but that is just my opinion. I honestly don't even hear a hint of the Strokes.

Good music though. Thanks.

Luke said...

For some reason I hear the Strokes in there. Maybe because I haven't listened to Strokes album in 4 years.

No excuses for me forgetting the Bloc Party in that description though.