Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Headlines

Even though the game might have been closer for awhile than some would have liked, it was nice to see the Roughriders put the boots to an inferior team. On a related note, since the actual game will be covered with the usual saturation, if the CFL doesn't suspend Jermese Jones and Mike Abou-Mechrek what's the chance that Kent Austin does? (Note: I have not read the Leader-Post or Rod Pedersen's blog yet - so if this is being discussed or has already happened I apologize). In the end losing two offensive linemen didn't really matter against Hamilton but if that had actually been a good team it could have been a different story. Coach Austin was pretty livid - I could see him taking some action.

The Regina Rams smoked the Alberta Golden Bears 35-16 on Saturday to move up to the number 8 ranking in the country - and number 2 in the Canada West division. This sets up a monster game this coming Saturday in Winnipeg against the University of Manitoba. Even if the Rams can't pull that one out they have another big game the week after in Saskatoon against the U of S - I'm already thinking about making the trek up for the game. And riddle me this - how can the University of Saskatchewan be ranked number 5 in the country with 2 losses but the Rams are number 8 with 1 loss? Maybe the rankings haven't been updated since the weekend.

Game 3 of the National League Championship Series was actually broadcast on Sportsnet last night - so if you watched you saw the Colorado Rockies beat the Arizona Diamondbacks... again. Colorado seems to be unbeatable - they've won 20 of their last 21 games and now have a 3-0 series lead over Arizona. Barring a Yankees-esqe collapse this series will be over shortly. While I think it's nice to see new blood in the MLB playoffs the lack of a team that's more than a decade old is really hurting this series.

...that the only unbeaten team left in the NHL is the Minnesota Wild? I'm telling you right now that if Minnesota wins the Stanley Cup this year I'm through with hockey for good. Say what you will about all the offence in the game right now but it's still ridiculous trapping teams like Minnesota that win championships. There is nothing in the world that could compel me to watch a Minnesota Wild game. And apparently Derek Boogaard concussed Todd Bertuzzi with a shoulder to the head - could that be this weeks' NHL Headshot of the Week? You'll have to wait and see. Having said all that, good for Regina's own Josh Harding for shutting out the Stanley Cup champs last night.


Anonymous said...

I for one, was happy to see some emotion from the Riders. The helmet throwing by Jones aside, it was good to see them sticking up for Joseph, and with the ensuing drive, it obviously was a rallying point for the team.

Also, i may be blind, but after perusing the flames schedule for games to mark on the calendar, I discovered that the team will not see Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa this season. Good thing they have 8 key matchups with the Wild. In the past I've gotten as jacked up for a battle of alberta as anyone, but I am starting to get bored of seeing the same teams that often. I know they are slightly reworking things next year, but i would be more than willing to just check the ticker on two games against the panthers, if it meant seeing them play the eastern canadian teams once at home and once on the road. Friggin ridiculous. And they really need to lose the pyjamas, and the CBC replay pixie dust.

These quabbles aside, the hockey product has been pretty good so far. I haven't been as entertained by HNIT in awhile, as i was with the pittsburgh game on saturday.

Brady for MVP!!


Anonymous said...

A couple things for ya...

1. CIS Rankings don't come out until Tuesday and it's expected that the Huskies will drop dramatically and quite possibly out of the top 10 (I'm guessing 9th) and Regina should move into Top 5.

2. Colorado was established in 1993 making them over a decade old

3. The above person who commented about the NHL Schedule... the league has finally realized that this stupid schedule needs changing and starting next year, every team will play each other at least once.

Luke said...

Good to know about the CIS rankings. Thanks.

I was aware that Colorado was more than a decade old. Sometimes I don't think my hyperbole and tongue-in-cheek comments translate all that well to print.

Trevor said...

I too was glad to see some emotion but that whole incident could have been avoided if the refs would have gotten the Hamilton player off of Joseph instead of standing around.

Not surprisingly it's the same team that officiated the Rider - Lions game and somehow missed the knee's and punches that Scott Schultz had to endure.