Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Headlines

In all seriousness - doesn't it hurt the CFL to have 1 of its 8 teams be as bad as the Hamilton Tigercats are? I didn't watch all of the Saskatchewan/Hamilton game yesterday - between the NFL and struggling with my new DVD recorder - but from what I saw, Hamilton is playing at about a university level. I suspect that a game between Hamilton and a top ten ranked Canadian university team would be a very, very close game. And this does nothing for the CFL as a whole. Which leads me to my next question... how is it possible for Hamilton to be so bad? I realize that Casey Printers has only been with the team for a couple of months. Losing Jesse Lumsden for the year was catastrophic for them too - he was the only reason they have won 2 games. But that team is not even close to being professionally competitive from what I saw. I might have to noodle with this a bit more today and expand it into a full column. With only 8 teams in the league it seems to me that you can't have 1 being a total doormat year after year.

Weir finally got to hold another giant novelty cheque yesterday - an achievement reserved for winners on the PGA Tour. It's been over 3 years since Weir last got to hold up a big cheque and it's nice to see him playing well again. Over the last year or so there had been whispers and rumblings that he might have been 'done' as a pro golfer. Luckily, it looks like those of us thought that were wrong.

The Red Sox, the Patriots, the Celtics. All 3 are favorites to win - or at least be close to winning the championships in the three major sports - the MLB, the NFL and the NBA. I don't think we can consider the NHL a major sport anymore can we? Anyway... if 2 or more of these teams win titles Boston will possibly be the most insufferable sports town of all time. The Red Sox are no longer lovable losers but are now worse than the Yankees at spending whatever it takes to win a championship. The Patriots are coached by the most unlikeable man in the history of organized sport and are running amok with no respect for the game or anyone else. And the Celtics benefited from a trade mandated by the NBA Commissioner's office to get the heat off the referee betting scandal. So go Rockies, go NFC and go Raptors. This might be the situation that turns me off sports forever.

I just happened to catch Don Cherry at the end of the Toronto/Chicago game on Saturday night. For many, many years I was a Cherry apologist but now I really think he's doing more to harm the game than he is to help it. As usual he was lamenting the lack of fighting in hockey or maybe it was about the plots to take fighting out of the game. In any case he was pointing out all the fans on their feet cheering the fights and how much the fans love fighting. Now I have no desire to see fighting taken out of hockey but to me if the fights are the only thing fans are coming to see then there are much bigger problems with the game than anyone is willing to admit. Instead of talking about more fighting because fans stand and cheer for fighting - we should be talking about why fans are only standing and cheering for fighting.

Since the NHL Headshot of the Week is sweeping the nation like wildfire I need your help in keeping it going. As hard as I try to watch every highlight around, I just can't. So if you see something in an NHL game that you think should be the NHL Headshot of the Week please let me know.


Trebor said...

bellichek had to throw brady back in, because if Miami would have gotten another turnover and If a TD was scored from that turnover then it's a 14 point game in the 4th quarter. I'm not sure why I think that's funny, maybe cause it is so absurd ??? I missed the fake spike, as far as when in the game it happened and such...but for shame... miami is clearly not going to pose a threat.

here's hoping the skins vamped up secondary will shut down the brady bunch.

Speaking of the Brady's, I never watched the brady bunch, so i have to ask: was there an evil brady or perhaps neighbour that no one liked.

Jeff K said...

I might be alone on this one, but doesn't a part of you want the New England Patriots to go undefeated? I think that would be awesome. The skills on this team are just unbelieveable. Honestly, I hate just about every player on that team. I couldn't stand Moss when he was on the Vikings, and I am still not a big Moss fan...but you have to appreciate his two TD catches (in double coverage) in the first half yesterday? Sure Miami is brutal, but I think it is kind of fun to watch someone dominate. Everybody hates it when a team or player dominates the league, for example Tiger Woods, but it is still fun to watch unmatched ability.

I like to cheer for underdogs as much as the next guy, which is probably the reason that I pick all of the 16th seed teams in March Madness...but in the case of New England, the odds are still way against them to go just doesn't happen, but I am hoping it does.

When your longtime NFL team is the Miami Dolphins, your MLB team is the Oakland A's, your CFL team is the Eskimos, your NHL team is the Oilers, and your NBA team is the Utah Jazz......You have to find some sort of excitment in sports.

Luke said...

Absolutely no part of me wants to see the Patriots go undefeated. It has nothing to do with going undefeated and everything to do with the Patriots. I was hating them before it was cool to hate them. I will never wish any good to come upon Bill Belichik, who's only goals in life seem to be glorifying his massive ego and proving he's smarter than everyone else on Earth... well, and maybe a little adultery along the way too.

Jeff K said...

So just to clarify. Is it your extreme hate of Belichik that is preventing you from appreciating their awesomeness? Or the whole team? Because I think it is pretty fair to say that even Danny Barret could probably coach that team to the superbowl. For me, again, it is the awesome display on the field. I just don't care as much as you do about Bill Belichick.

On another note, because I am in a commenting mood today, what did you think about the Red Sox game? If you are cheering against them, you must have been pretty frustrated. It was clearly a "No F-ing Way Game" for the Indians. The blown call at second was hilarious. Lofton was so safe it was crazy (on the throw in from Ramirez). Then the third base coach (who didn't take his vertigo meds) halts Lofton when he could have been 3/4 of the way home before the ball was even fielded. Plus Blake really blew a play, but I can't quite remember it right now.

There was just no F-ing way the Indians were going to win. That game could have been 3 - 3 and then who knows how the dynamic could have changed.

I agree with you about their salary. They paid 105 Million to get Dice-K. That is a Yankees move for sure. It might even by hypocrisy to be a Sox fan cheering against the Yankees.

I have been cheering for the Sox this whole series, but my slowly growing hate for Manny Ramirez is making it difficult. However, you have to love Ellsbury and Pedroia lighting it up as rookies. They are fun to watch. I like it when Ortiz and Manny go hitless and the Sox still win the game.

I think I will break all the rules of being a sports fan by sitting on the fence and waiting to see who I will cheer for in the World Series. I will stick with the Sox, but if Ramirez pulls one more stunt like his celebration after the homerun in game four, or his gigantic single in game five where David Ortiz managed to get home from 1st...I am going to pull an illegal subsitution of teams and cheer for the Rockies.

Luke said...

I can admit that the Patriots are putting on an awesome display of dominance right now. But I will never enjoy it or cheer for them because their coach rates a whopping 73 out of 10 on the smugness scale. His total disdain for anyone who isn't himself really makes me sick.

As far as the Indians thing - I agree. I was going to write about it today but didn't really get to it - so I'll do some bonus blogging in the comments.

As much as I'd like to blame the Indians collapse on their starting pitching being pretty poor in games 5 and 6 or Travis Hafner batting right around .100 - I'm putting all the blame right on the shoulders of third base coach Joel Skinner.

That was absolutely the worst job of basecoaching I've ever seen in my life. At one point he was both waving Lofton home and holding him at 3rd base. Manny Ramirez is almost never going to throw anyone out at home - especially Kenny Lofton, even at 40.

The pyschological impact of holding Lofton at third and then him not scoring was just devastating. After they failed to score, you could see it in all the Indians' body language - they were done. When Indians' manager Eric Wedge hung his head when Skinner held Lofton - you knew the writing was on the wall.

Then came Blake's error and Pedroia's homer and it was over.

I don't generally call for people for lose their jobs but there is no way that Joel Skinner should be working for the Indians organization in any capacity next year.

Anonymous said...

My brother and I have come up with the perfect solution for your Patriot-hating problem. Instead of hating them you should jump on the bandwagon, for you know that whatever team you cheer for inevitably falls short (Leafs, Flames, Riders, Raptors, Indians, etc.), so instead of hating them you should go out right now and buy a tom brady jersey.
Actually that formula works for almost everyone I know, myself included (I guess I will go buy a Randy Moss jersey...maybe if a bunch of us buy Pats stuff they will give us a discount).


Jeff K said...

I agree with TH. You should start by registering to the Patriot's fan club.

I tried to find the Bill Belichick fan club you could join, but I guess there isn't one. I guess that really isn't a suprise. He is his own number one fan....but you could be number 2 and start one?

Also, keep cheering for the leafs and flames if you are in fact the anti rabbit's foot.