Friday, October 26, 2007

Artist of the Week

No Links this week... mostly because I don't have any. We do have an Artist of the Week though.

And that Artist is Rilo Kiley. Like The National last week, Rilo Kiley is pretty big certain circles but I don't think they're really "mainstream" yet. Although as I don't listen to the radio or watch the MTV, I could be wrong about them not being "mainstream".

They have a new album out called Under the Blacklight - which I think is pretty phenomenal. But I think I'm about the only one. On previous albums Rilo Kiley had been about acoustic/folk/rock and had stayed true to that formula. But on the new album there are some seriously new sounds for them - I'm talking about funk, disco and even some 80's Latin synth beats for good measure.

Rilo Kiley has always been about Jenny Lewis (you might know her voice from the Postal Service or her own solo album) and her ever so seductive and sultry voice. She doesn't disappoint.

This seems to have turned into an album review - so you can just check out their music for yourself:

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Anonymous said...

Must admit, i was initially a hater of the new album. It was a little too different. I'll still always like the folk rock Rilo Kiley stuff better, but upon a third listen, Under the Blacklight really grew on me. Glad i was a previous fan, or i probably wouldn't have given it a second chance.