Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Upon Further Review - Week 5 in the NFL

...I learned the hard way this weekend- if you look at a list of games for gambling purposes and don't see anything you like, don't be a hero - just walk away. Trust me.

...How 'bout them Cowboys? Even though last night's game was only close because Tony Romo couldn't hold on to the football, it was the most exciting game I've seen in a long time. Including not one but two winning fields goals by the same team.

...That calling the time-out as the kicker is kicking trick is stupid and needs to be outlawed for the good of the game. It's disingenuous and not in the spirit of fair competition. Enough is enough already. At least there are a couple of smart broadcasters out there who realize the stupidity of this rule and this tactic - thank you to Tony Kornheiser and Steve Czaban.

...Good for Nick Folk for nailing both of those 53 yard game-winners last night, in the ultimate screw-you to Dick Jauron for trying to ice him. Last night also gave rise to the best nickname of the football season so far - Nick "Queer As" Folk. I can take no credit for that, it was all Cooper.

...There were actually a couple other long, game-winning field goals this week. Kris Brown kicked a 57 yarder for Houston and John Kasay kicked a 52 yarder for Carolina.

...Drew Brees, I appreciate the effort but you're dead to me. (Note: I don't mean to rip off the Colbert Report with the you're dead to me thing, that's just how I feel)

...How St. Louis escaped the Do Not Bet On Until Further Notice list so far this year is just inexcusable - they have to be the worst team in the league... well, maybe second to Miami. I think I'm comfortable saying that Jacksonville is now off the list (depending on the match up). And Kansas City is now back to being firmly entrenched on the list - especially since they're now going to be led by future CFL quarterback Brodie Croyle. The Giants might be off the list as well, although who knows about them.

...I'm taking Philip Rivers off the Quarterbacks Who Are Killing Their Teams list. He may not be carrying San Diego on his back but he's not costing them games anymore either. Joey Harrington remains on the list and I think we can add Byron Leftwich too - although maybe we can just swap one for the other. It won't be long before David Carr is on the list too. Marc Bulger and Trent Green escape because they're injured. And poor Rex Grossman isn't even good enough to be on the Quarterbacks Who Are Killing Their Teams list anymore.

...How about that Kenton Keith? 121 yards rushing, 37 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns against Tampa Bay on Sunday. I think this has to make him the most successful former Saskatchewan Roughrider in the history of the NFL. I for one think it's great for him and I think it gives a great deal of respectability to the CFL to have one of the league's former players perform so well against NFL competition.

...Great crowd last night in Buffalo too.

...It looks like San Diego might be on the way back after their absolute thrashing of Denver. I think Denver is finally being exposed for the bad football team that they are - they should be 0-5.

...I'm still not sure how I feel about the play that Trent Green got injured on. Here's the play if you haven't seen it. Since I can't stand listening to so-called experts on the highlight shows, I don't really know what the popular stance on this is. But here's my take: First of all, why is Trent Green even trying to make that block in the first place? As a quarterback he has no business trying to block a lineman like that. Secondly, I think it was a dirty block on Green's part. It was a blind-sided, crack-back block below the knees. But you never want to see a guy get injured and stretchered off the field - and the concussion that Green sustained will probably end his career... or at least it should. Do I think Travis Johnson should have gotten in the face of an unconscious Green? I don't think it's ever a good idea to berate an opponent while they're unconscious on the ground unless you're a professional underground street fighter. That being said, I understand why Johnson was so upset with Green. A knee injury from a block like that could have easily ended Johnson's career. I'd say it's just a bad situation all around.

...Don't look now but there just might be a couple holes in New England's armour. Also - jinx jinx jinx.

...I think Pittsburgh is for real. They absolutely and totally dominated a pretty good Seattle team.

...Who would have ever guessed that Matt Leinart breaking his collarbone and being out for the year might actually have been a good thing for Arizona? I've never been a big Leinart fan - except for fantasy football purposes and even then he's never been a real star. Sure he won the Heisman - but remember, so did Andre Ware.


Trebor said...

I came clsoe this week on tha gambling... except i took detroit... What's ahppening to Kitna last week he did nothingfor the first 3 quarters as well, was Calvion Johnson that big of player ??

I also dont think Miami is that bad.. I have no clue why but it's not as if they are getting blown out, brown kicks 3 field goals over 50 yards to win that game. For sure though of the 0-5 temas i'd take miami over the rams.

I missed last night's game.... damm drive home... I got in jsut as Romo was talking all goofy about his team stepping up and yadda yadda...I heard the 5 INT's and was like "oh-oh" Not having access to a computer this weekend wasn't sure where i sat in my leagues...turns out romo cost me the game in the NFL league, luckily i had folk in the other to balance it.

The talks seem to be that green will be okay, whether or not he should play ??? what does he have to play for, he's on a losing team, he's not the future ??? Anyway about the block, I'm not sure but i think I may have to disagree with the editor here.

He's a qb it's not his job to block 350 lb linebackers, However with Ginn running around, what is he supposed to do cower like a ball in the middle of the field and avoid all contact ?? No, any qb would have tried to throw a block to open up space. Should trent have tried to stand up the guy...he could have tried but could have ended up hurt even worse, again look at any blocks other qb's throw. Also blind sided yes, but the other houston player (38) was blinsighted, that was a serious hit, suprised no one hurt on that, those hits happen all the time so blindsighted doesn't make it a dirty or bad block. So we're left with he has to go low on the guy, below the knees.. of course not but low... was he trying to take out the guys knees... I don't think he was I think it was a mis-timed block...the crack blocks were done intentially and this i think was just mis-timed worng place type of thing... If he's 4-6" higher his shoulder hits above the knee...probably is out with a shoulder injury but wouldn't be talking about this now.

I can understand johnson being mad, can even understand that maybe he didn't see that there was absolutley no movement from Green when he was standing over him yelling. However after you wait 10 minutes for him to be carried out on a stretcher, after the game...do you need to come out and continue to berate and call him out. Take the high road.... "I was upset about the low block, but I hope trent is going to be okay" That's it walk away form the microphones and celebrate the victory.

Lastly 6 teams with bye's this week.. why cant the nfl try harder to accomidate fantasy leagues...

Anonymous said...

Wow that comment was long...real long. Just a shorter comment on the whole green/johnson thing; i don't really blame johnson for being mad, and although it may look bad him yelling at an unconcious green, I am sure he didn't think that he was hurt that bad (in the moment, and all that stuff). However, someone should have kept those micorphones away from him until a team representative could have spoken to johnson after the game...that is where I blame johnson for being a tool. When Johnson said after the game "God hates ugly", what hell does that even mean (survival of the fittest?). Seriously, don't teams pay bunches to these useless business students to manage the media and the players interaction with them?

Ok that is that, now on to more important questions. I need help beating a fantasy upstart this week I will call him "CH and his brady bunch". Who should I start for my rb situation: McGahee, Jamal Lewis or LaMont Jordon (two who are coming off of injury and may be limited in playing time), and at WR: Andre Davis, TJ Housh..., Jerry Porter or Santana Moss? What to do, what to do? I need advice Mr. Sports...help me beat "CH and his brady bunch".