Friday, October 19, 2007

I Predict A Riot - Week 7 in The NFL

Well I was 9-4 last week. Thank you very much Seattle, Cincinnati, Chicago and Arizona. Try to do better this week...

Baltimore @ Buffalo
One week Baltimore looks just ok against San Francisco and their back-up QB and the next week they look like the 2000 Ravens against St. Louis and their back-up. And might I add costing me a Fantasy victory along the way. It's not that I'm mad - it's just that I'm disappointed in them.
Winner: Baltimore

Minnesota @ Dallas
I think this game, more than last week's against New England, might be the most important game of the season for Dallas so far. Everyone except maybe some of the Cowboys (and probably not all of them) knew that New England was going to roll last week. But how the Cowboys come out against a tough Minnesota team might determine what Dallas is actually made of. Purely from a Fantasy standpoint I hope the Cowboys come out with a Vengeance and lay the boots to the Vikings. I think the Cowboys will win but it'll probably be closer than I'd like.
Winner: Dallas

New England @ Miami
New England might get 70 in this game - and that's really all I have to say about the game itself. But the scenario I'm really hoping for is this: It's Week 16 and Miami still hasn't won a game and New England still hasn't lost. Could the Dolphins go into Foxboro and somehow summon enough collective talent to stop the Patriots from getting the unbeaten season that the Miami franchise celebrates so much. If that happens, Larry Csonka might come down from Alaska and actually strap on the pads again. He almost looks like he could.
Winner: New England

Atlanta @ New Orleans
The quarterback formerly known as Byron Leftwich is going to get the start for the Falcons in this game - and apparently for the rest of the year from what I hear. I guess it was Joey Harrington's fault that the Atlanta receivers can't catch the ball. I wonder what the over/under on the number of time's Leftwich will be sacked in this game is? 17? 18? I guess it was Harrington's fault too that his offensive line is terrible. New Orleans showed some signs of life last week and they just have to not turn the ball over to win this game.
Winner: New Orleans

San Francisco @ NY Giants
I dislike the Giants - I freely admit it. And the fact that they are starting to look good makes me dislike them all the more. As long as Patrick Willis smacks a few people in the mouth in this game I'll be happy.
Winner: NY Giants

Arizona @ Washington
I'm almost thinking I should say Bet the House on this game, simply for the irony of Arizona being involved in my Bet the House game last week - but on the other side. Now it's personal. And seriously... Tim Rattay? C'mon!
Winner: Washington

Tennessee @ Houston
I've never seen so many wildly overthrown footballs that didn't involve last year's version of Kerry Joseph as I did from Vince Young in last weekend's Tennessee game. And now it seems like if Vince Young does play he won't be able to run very effectively because of a quad injury. That means more throwing for Young and that could mean big problems for Tennessee.
Winner: Houston

Tampa Bay @ Detroit
It looks like Jeff Garcia is playing for the '98 Calgary Stampeders again. Well, without the gaudy numbers anyway. He hasn't thrown an interception yet this year and is almost single-handedly responsible for Tampa Bay being 4-2. As for Detroit... who knows about this team. One week they look like an offensive juggernaut and the next they look like the '76 Buccaneers. For some reason I feel like Tampa's resurgent defence can handle Detroit's streaky offence.
Winner: Tampa Bay

Kansas City @ Oakland
Yikes... someone has to win this game I guess. Kansas City looked pretty good against Cincinnati last week, which is fine until you remember that the Bengals are terrible. And despite the best efforts of Daunte Culpepper the Raiders tried to hang close to San Diego last week. I think that Oakland is a little underrated and can probably take this game at home... and I just threw up in my own mouth.
Winner: Oakland

NY Jets @ Cincinnati
Wow... another game that by rule someone has to win. I guess this is the Obligation Game for the week. I'll tell you this much, neither of these teams deserve to win this game. Maybe it'll just end up as a scoreless tie and justice will be served.
Winner: Cincinnati

Chicago @ Philadelphia
I don't know... do you? Chicago, with it's "good defence" gave up close to 10,000 rushing yards last week to a rookie. And Philadelphia with all it's "offensive weapons" could barely beat the Jets. THE JETS! I think that if Philly can stop Devin Hester from scoring one touchdown, they win.
Winner: Philadelphia

St. Louis @ Seattle
I gotta say - I can't put a lot of faith in a coach that writes notes for himself such as, "Just Call It" and "Run It!" - as Seattle coach Mike Holmgren had written on his playsheet last week. See for yourself. Especially when that coach calls a fullback draw on 4th and 3 and goes for a touchdown on 4th down, when a field goal would have been equally as effective. All that being said - the Seahawks are playing St. Louis this week. And apparently Marc Bulger with broken ribs is still better than Gus Ferotte and his 5 picks. I guess when all else fails you have to pick the team with the quarterback that can breathe without being in agony.
Winner: Seattle

Pittsburgh @ Denver
Quietly Pittsburgh is the 2nd best team in the AFC, while Denver is one of the worst teams in the league - they should be 0-5. The Broncos are thanking their lucky stars that the Rockies made it to the World Series. Otherwise people in Denver would be ready to riot.
Winner: Pittsburgh

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville
This is the upset special of the week. I know that Indy is coming off a bye and will be getting Joesph Addai and Marvin Harrison back. But Jacksonville is playing some pretty good football right now and they always play Indy tough anyway. Maurice Jones-Drew might have a career day against the Colts run defence.
Winner: Jacksonville

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Anonymous said...

scoreless tie for the cincy game... with palmer, ocho and housh they'll be able to get some points.