Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just So You Know I'm Not Crazy

Actually, I think it's more so that I can prove to myself I'm not crazy.

I guess I'm not the only one who thought Tony Kornheiser mentioned Tom Brady every 35 seconds on the Monday Night Football telecast last night. Here's an article from the latest edition of The Brushback:


At least it's not just me.


Trebor said...

should post a warning about the site. The first time I went there The articles I read were Tony Kornheiser OD's on perscription something or other on MNF... then also about bulger being in a bodycast but still getting the starting qb job... that last one might have been true, after seeing the seahawks game.

Anyway after reading the bulger one I got susupicous and soon enough found out that that all quotes and stated items are made up.

It's still a good site.. reading about the vikings reducing their playbook to 1 play, and even that is not full proof. Or the ravens attempting to punt on 2nd down so as not to waste everyone's time watching them try and run a offensive play.

Gold Jerry Gold

Luke said...

I was going to put in the warning but at the bottom of every article it says that everything is made up and meant as satire.