Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well... I Guess That's It

With only marginal fanfare, melodrama, or pomp I'd like to say that effective immediately Sports As Life will be closing it's doors. I know that there have been temporary slow-downs and standstills in the past, but this time the lights will not come back on. The reasons are many and varied but the meat of it is that the time is right - counter intuitive as that may seem.

To the noblemen and captains of industry who helped contribute over the past 2 1/2 years: Cooper, Trebor, TH, Jeff K and CH - thank you all for your hard work. I can't imagine this place would have lasted as long as did without your help.

Lastly, a huge tip of the cap to everyone who read, browsed, accidentally clicked, commented, didn't comment, lurked, laughed, spat with contempt, mocked, derided, agreed, disagreed, or otherwise. Your patronage was always noted and greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The St. Louis Rams

And that's it for the half-hearted previews this season, folks.

Tomorrow marks the start of the best season of the year... football season. However, expect no further updates this week as yours truly will be away this weekend. Enjoy the games.

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Seattle Seahawks

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The San Fransico 49ers

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Arizona Cardinals

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The New Orleans Saints

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Carolina Panthers

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Atlanta Falcons

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Minnesota Vikings

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Green Bay Packers

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Detroit Lions

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Chicago Bears

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Washington Redskins

Just snarky pictures from here on out, because you're probably as tired of reading them as I am of writing them.

Friday, September 4, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Philadelphia Eagles

Much has been made about the Eagles signing a recently freed from jail, potential trick-play fodder, back-up quarterback. Michael Vick hoopla aside, the Eagles did add some actual offensive talent in the offseason. They drafted Jeremy Maclin and LaSean McCoy. They traded for left tackle Jason Peters. They still have uber-talented but perpetual injury-report resident Brian Westbrook and are in the second year of the Desean Jackson era.

The defence lost their on-field leader in Brian Dawkins (free agent to Denver) and their off-field leader, defensive coordinator Jim Johnson (sadly passing away recently). So there is some question about how the defence will respond to the losses. Will they go out and win for Jim Johnson? Or will they be a rudderless mess? As with most things, the answer probably lies somewhere in between.

At least offensively, things seem to be going just a little too well for the Eagles heading into the season - and you know what that means... certain disaster. Donovan McNabb miraculously stayed healthy for an entire season last year, a feat not likely to be duplicated again. That would leave Vick, who is certainly no McNabb. And let's not forget that Andy Reid is still coaching the Eagles. This team just seems too poised to make the leap and that usually means they won't. If McNabb goes down the Eagles season will be over in less time than it took Norm MacDonald to destroy Courtney Thorne-Smith's career.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The New York Giants

Because I can travel into the future (Note: Panama loses World War 5, but it's not the Panama you're thinking of) I have obtained the commentary transcript for the Giants' first regular season game and decided to reprint a portion of it. It reads as follows:

Play by play man: PlaxicoBurressPlaxicoBurress, PlaxicoBurress?

Colour man: PlaxicoBurress.

Play by play man: PlaxicoBurressPlaxicoBurressPlaxicoBurress!!

Colour man: Plaxico...Burress.

The Giants should be contending for the division this season. Eli Manning is the highest paid quarterback in the game. They have the best offensive line in the NFL. They rushed for 5 yards an attempt last year. Their defence should be imposing again, barring injury.

The one thing hindering them is their complete lack of wide receivers. Sure some people like Hakeem Nicks, but he's not going to fill the hole that Plaxico Burress left... in his leg.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Dallas Cowboys

When their biggest storyline heading into the season is about their punt-obstructing video board, it makes one think the Cowboys might be in some trouble this season. Where's the flash? Where's the drama?

But maybe the Cowboys have finally learned the lesson that distractions from the actual playing of football don't usually help a team. So who knows, maybe this is the year the Cowboys actually get their act together.

There seems to be two schools of thought on Dallas this year. One is that this IS the year the Cowboys finally rid themselves of distraction, win the division and win a couple playoff games. What with T.O. gone and the fact that Tony Romo lost about 180 pounds in the offseason.

The school is that the Cowboys will be an OK team, probably around .500 - won't be terrible but won't set the world on fire either. I agree with this camp - especially since Roy Williams is out for the next few weeks and he's their only dangerous wide receiver.