Wednesday, September 2, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Dallas Cowboys

When their biggest storyline heading into the season is about their punt-obstructing video board, it makes one think the Cowboys might be in some trouble this season. Where's the flash? Where's the drama?

But maybe the Cowboys have finally learned the lesson that distractions from the actual playing of football don't usually help a team. So who knows, maybe this is the year the Cowboys actually get their act together.

There seems to be two schools of thought on Dallas this year. One is that this IS the year the Cowboys finally rid themselves of distraction, win the division and win a couple playoff games. What with T.O. gone and the fact that Tony Romo lost about 180 pounds in the offseason.

The school is that the Cowboys will be an OK team, probably around .500 - won't be terrible but won't set the world on fire either. I agree with this camp - especially since Roy Williams is out for the next few weeks and he's their only dangerous wide receiver.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure why I'm even saying this but, I think Wade Phillips is a good coach. I think he gets more out of his players than other coaches would. I think he is a players coach. If it wasn't for that medling (not sure of this spelling but I think the context is correct. My son would know the answer to this.) owner, the Cowboys would be competitive in a very competitive division.

Cowboys to win more than they lose.

Sidebar: PacMan Jones as a Bomber. Perfect fit for Mike Kelly. Two ruderless wingnuts on the same team.