Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Around The... Blogosphere??

Hey look everybody - it's a Trebor post!

To some that I have the pleasure of talking to, I talked about a new blog that I frequent - Washington Redskins' tightend Chris Cooley's - his latest post is even more reason.

In reading some of his posts you get a sense that this is a down to earth guy, almost like an average joe if you will. Not really caught up in the millions of dollars he’s making and without the pro athlete attitude. It’s refreshing. It’s also interesting too see a players perspective on these things behind the scenes (I find this picture hilarious). He’s been writing about mini camps, draft day, the owners and the CBA… and then he also throws in blogs about poker night and also his hot wife.

When I first started reading his blog back when Jessica Simpson was bringing defeat to the Cowboys, he answered the question who would win in a tag team fight between Tony/Jessica and him/girlfriend… “The tag team match would start off with Christy and Jessica in the ring. Someone would come out of the stands with a cooler of beer and a couple of stools for Tony and I. We would proceed to sit ringside and high-five while clothes were furiously ripped off”. He also put in pictures as well... very helpful

I was going to send something last week, basically about Kobe "I don’t need to play for a full game" Bryant, and how attitude really is everything in pro sports. There were also some great videos of Bruce Bowen getting schooled and Manu being a bum… but with the shift to an all football blog, like everyone else when it concerns the NBA. I’ll take on the attitude of ...who cares.

Ed. Note - First of all, I don't think any post about Chris Cooley would be complete without this picture...

As terrifying as that picture might be, any man who can rock those shorts and get away with it is alright in my books.

Secondly, perhaps I should have specified about the football only rule. I will only be writing about football from here on out. But if anyone should want to send something in about one of the lesser sports, they should still feel free. Like, say a championship series in which one of the teams has yet to even score.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?

Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?

I know I do, which can only mean one thing - the CFL season is right around the corner.

All 6 of you who have read Sports As Life in the past know my feelings on the CFL... the only place in the world an aging, former safety can be the league MVP. And the rouge - oh how I love the rouge.

However, I have made an executive decision to overhaul Sports As Life into strictly a football blog - which, let's be honest, it pretty much was anyway - so the start of the CFL season means the start of Sports As Life season again.

Trying to write something "clever" about all the major sports was a pretty unwieldy task, so I've decided to streamline. While I enjoy watching basketball and baseball, I just don't follow them closely enough to consistently write about. And hockey... don't even get me started. Hockey is for stupids and you'll never convince me otherwise. All this week I had planned on writing something called The One Year No-Hockey Diet - but I just never quite got around to it.

So if you're like me, football season just can't come fast enough. I'll even settle for watching OTA's on the NFL Network for the love of Pete!

And as always, I think rouge's are going to tell the story.

Monday, May 5, 2008

This Is Not How the Story Ends...Not Yet Anyway

Truth be told, two hours ago Sportsaslife.com was dead. No more. Finished. There wasn't anything else I had to say.

An hour and a half ago, Sportsaslife.com was not going anywhere. After much thought and soul-searching, there was a re-commitment to try and make it work again.

An hour ago, I was on the fence about Sportsaslife.com - I had been down this road before about the decision to plod on or shut it down permanently.

And as it stands now, a temporary stay of execution has been granted. I plan on keeping production going until the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, at the very least. I couldn't very well end the Sports As Life Stanley Cup Playoffs Pool Party prematurely now could I? There's a free shirt at stake after all.

Although it doesn't seem like it the majority of the time, it has taken a lot of hard work to keep Sports As Life in a semi-functioning over the past 15 months. A lot. And at certain points during that time I had very high hopes for this little project. However, it became clearer and clearer that very little of what I hoped would come to fruition. More than anything, I suspect this was due to my expectations being far too high. I'd like to think I gave it a valiant attempt - and I suppose at the end of the day, that's all a person can ask for.

That being said, it does still pain me a great deal to see Sports As Life limp off into the dark night like it has over the past months. Which is why I keep telling myself to try to turn things around. But time and energy are two things in short supply these days. Writing and editing both require those things in greater amounts than you might think. Let alone the opportunity to actually put the required thought into anything.

Wow, if that doesn't sound like a eulogy I don't know what does. Maybe my mind is already made up and I just don't know it yet. Like they say - if you're talking about retirement, you're already retired.

All I know for sure is that if you're in the Stanley Cup Playoffs Pool Party - you better make your picks for the last two rounds. You have until 5pm on Thursday to make your selections. But make them count - this is the last time you'll be able to pick new players.