Monday, May 5, 2008

This Is Not How the Story Ends...Not Yet Anyway

Truth be told, two hours ago was dead. No more. Finished. There wasn't anything else I had to say.

An hour and a half ago, was not going anywhere. After much thought and soul-searching, there was a re-commitment to try and make it work again.

An hour ago, I was on the fence about - I had been down this road before about the decision to plod on or shut it down permanently.

And as it stands now, a temporary stay of execution has been granted. I plan on keeping production going until the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, at the very least. I couldn't very well end the Sports As Life Stanley Cup Playoffs Pool Party prematurely now could I? There's a free shirt at stake after all.

Although it doesn't seem like it the majority of the time, it has taken a lot of hard work to keep Sports As Life in a semi-functioning over the past 15 months. A lot. And at certain points during that time I had very high hopes for this little project. However, it became clearer and clearer that very little of what I hoped would come to fruition. More than anything, I suspect this was due to my expectations being far too high. I'd like to think I gave it a valiant attempt - and I suppose at the end of the day, that's all a person can ask for.

That being said, it does still pain me a great deal to see Sports As Life limp off into the dark night like it has over the past months. Which is why I keep telling myself to try to turn things around. But time and energy are two things in short supply these days. Writing and editing both require those things in greater amounts than you might think. Let alone the opportunity to actually put the required thought into anything.

Wow, if that doesn't sound like a eulogy I don't know what does. Maybe my mind is already made up and I just don't know it yet. Like they say - if you're talking about retirement, you're already retired.

All I know for sure is that if you're in the Stanley Cup Playoffs Pool Party - you better make your picks for the last two rounds. You have until 5pm on Thursday to make your selections. But make them count - this is the last time you'll be able to pick new players.


Anonymous said...

Just when you think you're out, something will puuuulllll you back in. Your dissention and anger at the sports world cannot be repressed. You just got HD and truly joined the sports watching world.

Even with the lack of content lately, I still check in here everyday. Sometimes life and work get in the way. After writing a few articles I can easily see how time consuming it can be. You will hopefully find time to squeeze out a semi-regular column though. Who else will get themselves threatened by CFL fans, post the drunken ramblings of a guy who watches enough bad TV to make a normal man's eyes bleed, put a ghostbusters pic on a March Madness post, or have the balls to associate their good name with content written by Starship Cooper.

There's still some life in this thing and i'll be here until the final dying gasp (which will hopefully be at a time when technology allows you to blog with your mind, and you're even more crotchedy at the age of 100)


Mitch said...

Hey Luke, can I borrow I feeling?

A quote of my former boss recently motivated me to finally defeat my nemesis after a years worth of failure (less exciting than you thing, my nemesis is a mountain), "If you have the energy to talk, you aren't working hard enough." Take it as you will, but if you have the energy to write about retirement, you have the energy to write about sports. And just so you know, this mountain nemesis of mine, is the same one that prevents me from getting satellite tv and therefore HD tv.

I am not an evil person; I understand the lack of motivation in sports right now. The excitement will come back and I understand that summer is a slow point for watching sports which could lead to a slow point in sports writing. Just give us the odd update or funny observation and we'll be happy. Write about something and somehow make a sports connection somewhere. If I was just reading this blog for the sports statistics and updates, Darren Pang does a decent enough job of that.

Trebor said...

Ah stick with it.. the CFl will start soon enough and as far as topics that people complain about it's up there with the weather.

Since bad was mentioned tv I was going to watch what looks to be a hoot.. 'Farmer wants a wife' I sure hope that I didnt just dream this up, if so I gotta start eating different snacks before bedtime. Seems like a simple show, not like the bachelor, they dont care about grammer which I can relate too. It will have regular folk, maybe even a cousin or 2.... I may have to high of expectations for this show