Saturday, April 26, 2008

NFL Draft Day - The 8 Hour Live-Blog

1:20 - Ok, it's a slightly late start today.

But you already knew the first overall pick - Jake Long - so quite whining.

St. Louis just took Chris Long with the 2nd pick, which is very, very disappointing to me because I was hoping he would fall to Kansas City at 5.

Atlanta is now on the clock with the 3rd pick - probably going to be Matt Ryan, who I was also hoping would fall to Kansas City.

1:25 - Dagnabbit! Matt Ryan is gone to Atlanta. I'm not super crushed though, KC can get a decent QB in the second or third round. TH's Raiders are now on the clock - he's here at the Sports As Life Mansion watching the draft.

1:30 - TH is waiting with great anticipation. And it's Darren McFadden! TH likes the pick. My Chiefs are now on the clock. It's gotta be Glenn Dorsey - never thought he'd fall to 5.

1:40 - Kansas City pick up Glenn Dorsey - I must say I'm happy about that. I doesn't really address their biggest needs but he was the best player available. The Jets are on the clock now and it's only a matter of minutes before the crowd in New York goes wild with boo's. I must say this first round is really flying by. Going from 15 minutes a pick to 10 minutes was a nice change.

1:48 - It looks like the Jets are going to take Vernon Gholston. And the do. He seems destined for a steroid suspension someday though - check this out. At least the Jets fans aren't booing - they're usually on suicide watch after their first round picks. The Patriots are now on the clock - oh hooray, let's see how they get better.

1:55 - Well the Patriots just traded the 7th pick to the Saints for the 10th plus something else I'm sure. I'd say the Saints take Sedrick Ellis. Hey - I'm right. And now Baltimore is on the clock and there seems to be some speculation that Baltimore is going to trade this pick too.

1:59 - Mike Mayock was correct, Baltimore traded down to 26 and Jacksonville moves up to #8.

2:05 - Jacksonville takes a defensive end, Derrick Harvey. If he turns out, Jacksonville is going to have a scary defense again this year. The Bengals are now on the clock.

2:11 - And it's Keith Rivers from USC. Cincinnati needs help desperately on defense and this is just a start for them. The Patriots are now on the clock and TH's little brother, D-Money, says it's going to be cornerback Leodis McKelvin.

2:17 - But it's a linebacker from Tennessee - Jerod Mayo. The Pats definitely needed new blood at linebacker. Their linebacker's are older than most fossils.

2:23 - Buffalo just took the first cornerback of the day - Leodis McKelvin. Denver's on the clock now and they probably take a linebacker or an offensive lineman.

2:28 - Well Ryan Clady is not going to drop to Kansas City at 17. Denver just took him at 12. No matter. Carolina is on the clock.

2:32 - And Carolina take running back Jonathan Stewart from Oregon. And D-Money owes me a case of beer because he guaranteed it would be Devin Thomas or Rashard Mendehall. The Bears are now on the clock and it might be Mendenhall - they need a running back who doesn't run like a fat pig. I'm talking to you Cedric Benson.

2:42 - Chicago takes an offensive lineman in Chris Williams. Branden Albert is still on the board and I've got the fingers crossed that he falls to Kansas City. I was hoping KC could somehow use that 17th pick to trade for Jason Taylor but now with Glenn Dorsey, KC needs help on the offensive line. Detroit is on the clock and they probably take a running back.

2:47 - Well KC just traded up to 15 from 17 with Detroit, so I'm assuming it's going to be Branden Albert. And it is! Very, very excited I must say. The Arizona Cardinals are now on the clock.

2:57 - Deion Sanders yelps for joy at Arizona's pick of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Detroit is now on the clock and we're all waiting to see if Detroit somehow picks another wide receiver - but it might be a running back.

3:01 - Well Detroit picks someone named Gosder - Gosder Cherilus, a tackle from Boston College. I suppose whey you're Detroit you take help where ever you can get it. Houston is on the clock and they need some running back help. This might be Rahard Mendenhall.

3:05 - Or not. Houston trades with Baltimore down to 26. And Baltimore is now on the clock. The gents on the NFL Network are saying this is going to be quarterback Joe Flacco.

3:08 - And it is Joe Flacco from Delaware. Baltimore has a new quarterback of the future, replacing current quarterback of the future Kyle Boller. The Eagles and their unruly fans are now on the clock.

3:14 - The Eagles have traded their pick to Carolina and there seems to be a general sense of confusion. And Carolina takes Jeff Otah. Tampa Bay is on the clock now. I can't believe we're on pick number 20 already. The first round has just flown by.

3:25 - Aqib Talib is the pick for Tampa Bay. Just another cornerback for the ol' Tampa 2.

3:31 - Washington has just traded their first round pick. Nobody seems to know to who or for what.

3:33 - It was Atlanta that traded for the 21st pick. They need absolutely everything, so who knows who this'll be. It's Sam Baker - left tackle from USC. If you have a new quarterback, I guess you need someone to protect him. The Cowboys are now on the clock.

3:43 - Any your Dallas Cowboys take Felix Jones, running back from Arkansas. The Cowboys just got a little scarier on offence. The Steelers are on the clock now.

3:50 - Pittsburgh takes a running back - Rashard Mendendall from Illinois. Probably going to be a good fit in that Pittsburgh running game. Tennessee's on the clock now.

3:57 - Tennessee takes the fastest man in the draft - actually I don't know that, I just made it up - Chris Johnson. From the looks of it, he's faster than the Flash - actually, I just made that up too. The Seahawks are on the clock now and for some reason they're playing Bittersweet Symphony for their music - not a real vote of confidence.

4:03 - Well Seattle traded their pick to Dallas and Houston is on the clock now. Dallas takes a cornerback - Mike Jenkins from South Florida.

4:09 - Some guy named Duane Brown is the 26th overall - a tackle that nobody thought should be in the first round. The Chargers are on the clock now. Luckily I'm on Red Bull #2 because I'm starting to fade.

4:20 - San Diego took cornerback Antoine Cason and Seattle takes a defensive end Lawrence Jackson from USC - although everyone thought they should go on offence. San Fran is now on the clock.

4:23 - The Niners take a defensive tackle, Kentwan Balmer. The Packers are on their clock now and there's some talk about them taking a quarterback. That doesn't sound like a vote of confidence for Aaron Rodgers.

4:27 - If there's one thing I've learned from this draft it is that Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra are not bowlers, nor have they ever claimed to be.

4:29 - The Jets have traded with Green Bay to get the 30th pick and it sounds like they're going to take a tight end. It is a tight end - Dustin Keller. And of course Jets fans react with serious disdain to taking a tight end in the first round. Memories of Kyle Brady are still pretty fresh there. We want Sapp! We want Sapp! The Giants are now on the clock for the last pick of the first round. Only 31 picks this year, as the Patriots are pathetic cheaters and had theirs taken away.

4:39 - This is it, the last pick of the first round. The Giants take the first safety of the first round, Kenny Phillips.

And that's it for the first round - and that's it for me as well. Blogging the first round was more than enough. Live blogging never really works out the way I want it to. Here's a couple of videos to make it all worthwhile. Next year this is what I'm drinking to get me through the first round. And if I need a little something extra... the Rocket Edition.


Trebor said...

how many running backs does Davis need??

Luke said...

TH says shut up - that's why!

Trebor said...

I hear they are in talk with Shaun Alexander to. Their plan... have 4 guys line up in the backfield. Then at the hut...scatter. 2 words un stopable

Luke said...

Well Oakland is where old football players go to die. Alexander would be a perfect fit there.

Trebor said...

Finishes in space !!!

Luke said...

That was a pretty impressive block on that free safety

Trebor said...

quarterback of the future.. what about troy smith who they selected last year..

Luke said...

I think Troy's more of a work in progress than anything.

Trebor said...

was that a kid in the middle of the Dallas table ??

Trebor said...

Hey look the raports just lost... lets look at how some of mitchells starters did
bargnani - 18 min.. 1-7 Fg, 2 reb 0 ass. that a boy
TJ - 6-16, probably one of his better shooting nights

Bosh- 39 pnts and 15 rebounds. get this man some help

Luke said...

Yes I believ it was - we were just noticing it as well. I would have thought a child would have been more at home at the Browns or the Jets table.

Luke said...

Oh Bargnani - I don't think I have a man-crush on you anymore. And TJ - you need to go... now.

Anonymous said...

Can we expect similar treatment in this week's upcoming CFL draft?


Luke said...

You can be comfortable in th knowledge that there will be no CFL Draft live-blog. I tried that last year with disasterous results. I'd probably pay more attention if more than 3% of the draftees actually played in the CFL.

Anonymous said...

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