Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Ol' Charley Horse One-Two

One in the breadbasket, one in the kisser.

And with that, the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are over. So that means that if you entered the Sports As Life Stanley Cup Playoffs Pool Party it's time to make your picks for the second round. Make sure you do, or you'll be golfing with the Calgary Flames.

One programming note - I'll be live-blogging the NFL Draft on Saturday afternoon. So if you want to check in on that (for some reason), it'll be starting around 1pm. I'll be drinking so much Red Bull that I'll be legally blind by 3pm. I don't think you want to miss that.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let us forget that first round ever happened. I can now get back to my regular life of ignoring NHL hockey.

The NHL can't possibly be happy with the matchups in the East, considering what could have been (Habs/Rangers, Crosby/Ovechkin). Oh well. Must say though, the first round from an overall perspective was fairly entertaining. Really only 1 non-competitive series out of 8.

I got nothing. Nothing to say. Last night ruined my enthusiasm for sport. Bring on the CFL - sigh.