Thursday, April 3, 2008

Super Collider? I Barely Even Knew Her!

Well this March "It Makes Me So" Mad-ness is nearing its end - thankfully for those of us occupying the cellar in the Sports As Life March Madness Pool Party.

But take heart cellar dwellers! Your chance for redemption exists as the Sports As Life NHL Playoff Pool Party. It's going to be part of the Fantasy Games, just as the March Madness Pool Party was - so you will be able to use your same account for the NHL Pool Party.

Simply click on the following link:

Then click on the link for the Fantasy Hockey Playoff Pool and get yourself signed up.

The group info is the same as well. The group name is: Sports As Life and the password is: sportsaslife - and the same rules as before, if you screw up and start a new group accidentally I will crush you.

So get yourself signed up soon as the playoffs start on Wednesday I believe. Anyway, the deadline for the first round selections is 5pm Saskatchewan time on Wednesday. You are able to reselect your team after the second and third rounds, but the deadlines for that will be later.

All you have to do is pick 3 forwards, 2 defencemen and 1 goalie from each conference to make up your teams. And that's it.

And I know what your asking yourself - yes, there will be a prize for this Pool Party too. And yes, it's going to be another shirt. And no, it's not going to be a used T-shirt - although I do have some pretty good ones.

Have a look at the links on the side or go here and here to check out the available shirt options. The winner will get to pick whichever one he/she wants and we'll get it out to them - where ever they are.

There are probably going to be some new shirt designs added over the next little while, as the NHL playoffs don't actually end until September I think, so check back from time to time. Maybe the new "Brad Wall Doesn't Care About Poor People" design will be ready in time for this Pool Party's winner.

Oh settle down - that wasn't a shot for no reason - just a take-off on this classic clip.

And this:

It's nice to be right about people from time to time isn't it? But seriously, Brad's got no problem with you... as long as you're not Roy Romanow, Eastern European, taller than 5'6", a snazzy dresser or poor...

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days it's because Kathy Young bombed the Sports As Life Headquarters... and possibly the Sports As Life International Headquarters in Karachi.
Don't know what I mean - take a look at the transcript: (bottom of page 5, top of page 6)

And you know what, after watching that video again - I don't think Brad Wall is doing an Eastern European accent, I just think he's doing a really, really bad Randy Savage Impression.



Anonymous said...

Now that my t-shirt win is final in march madness, i can lend some brain power back to the NHL. Wish i was more confident in picking flames players. Damn 7th place.

Go Jayhawks!


Luke said...

Even as a Flames fan I encourage you to pick many, many Flames so that we can all avoid another one of your fluke victories.