Monday, March 24, 2008

Sick of This March Madness Business... Bring On The NHL Playoffs... Or Something

When is the NFL Draft again?

This happens without fail every March. I'm not sure why I get surprised anymore. In the weeks before The Tournament I get Kid on Christmas Eve excited. Then two days after it starts, my bracket lies in smouldering ruins and I lose interest faster than the calculus student with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Last year I got a slight reprieve from the usual self-loathing as I picked 30 of 32 first-round games correctly. My jubilation was short-lived however, and the customary tailspin followed soon after. But what a couple of days it was.

For some reason I thought last year's savant-esqe start would carry over to this year. Boy was I wrong.

Oh sure, I made a couple of nice picks this year - Siena over Vanderbilt and Kansas State over USC. But man does it get ugly after that:

Gonzaga to make the Final Four... they lost their opening game.

Clemson to make the Elite Eight... first-round choke job.

Pitt to make the Elite Eight... they're done.

And Drake to make the Sweet Sixteen... first round loss.

Hate the Drake!!

I know, I know - listening to a person talk about their March Madness bracket is about as appeal ling (appalling?) as someone talking about their Fantasy Football Team or their hockey playoff pool (which we will be doing as well - coming soon, brought to you by Sports As Life) - but I thought I'd try to impart what I've been going through in the last few days.

Even though I have 9 of 16 teams still playing - I don't believe I will be winning the Sports As Life March Madness Pool Party Grand Prize (which is a T-Shirt, by the way). And now I seem to have lost all interest in watching Tournament games, although I'm sure I can talk myself into watching the Final Four games. And yes I know, I've missed some exciting games in the last couple of days.

Major League Baseball's Opening Day can't come soon enough.

Hate the Drake!!


Anonymous said...

Shocked to find myself in first place - booya.

Just goes to show you can make your picks in 3 minutes. Overthinking the bracket is never useful. A hockey pool on the other hand and i'm screwed, since i'll try to make educated picks instead of a free-for all. I'll still be gloating if this lead holds up, no matter how little I even remember who i picked.

Go Jayhawks!


Anonymous said...

That is that CH dumb luck syndrome, it is like a normal dumb-luck syndrome only without that painful itch. Seriously, you could stick a penny in your ear and sneeze out a $50 bill...hmmm, that gives me an idea, if anyone sees CH in the street try and shove money in his ears, I hear it pays off (oh what a witty guy am I).

By-the-by, I like those shirts this site is selling, very swank.


Trebor said...

just looked at the standings..... not bad 2nd place. I should have know that a name like Davidson you gotta bet on, they're winners.

So 3 of the 4 regions CH and I have the same picks.... but when Xavier wins tomorrow night I'll jump out ahead....I think.

Mitch said...

Is the prize t-shirt the one advertised to my right? Or (as per my theory) is it just one of your old t-shirts which you need to rid yourself of, so you can add the advertised shirt into your rotation? I'd guess 'Vote for Pedro,' or any other number of former tight shirt Tuesday contenders.

Anonymous said...

At least he had the Vote for Pedro shirt before everyone else. It's a real shame everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

Mitch brings up a good point though - when i eventually win this shirt it better not have sweat stains or be a small "Pumpkins" leftover jersey.


Anonymous said...

Dead last. I thought Sienna was a Toyota van and Davidson was a motorcycle.

U Conn is actually U Can't...

Bring on a hockey draft. Something that last so long, nobody cares who won cause by the time the thing is over, we will be totally engrossed in calling for Marcus Crandell's head..