Monday, March 17, 2008

Around The Rim

There’s lots happening, but between work, weeding planning and house hunting not much time to see much of the sports world.

Chris Paul gets Bowen'd ... I’ve never liked Bowen. If he played for the Raptors though it would be a different story. He’s aggressive and a shut down defensive player, however every once and awhile he goes a bit too far and does something uncalled for. This was the first site that popped up and it was a Spurs fan who posted since the title was Paul punches Bowen, I’m sure there’s more sites up now that have the title correct.

I’ve wanted to post something about the Raptors other than their big trade but have never found the time. I’m still optimistic that when Bosh returns and maybe even Garabajosa (reports is he’s doing light stuff) that the team will hit stride at the right time. However, being a realist..... Toronto is going fishin' after the first round. If they play Cleveland, or Orlando they’ll lose. Maybe if they make it to the 3 seed they have a chance but that idea is quickly fading.

They don’t come out with that drive or emotion to win and find themselves almost always playing comeback. Also to have any chance they better not play on a Friday. Is there some must go to club in Toronto where they hang out on Thursday nights, or is that they are thinking about the night while they should be playing. Prediction - Friday against Denver they lose.

They’ve lost 6 of 8. 7 of those, yes, were without Chris Bosh. However, Indiana and Charlotte aren’t good teams and they have to find a way to win. The team is struggling on defence - guards are destroying them. They don’t have the quickness to guard and they lack an inside presence. Brezec... seems like a good guy and may develop but he’s not there yet. Against L.A they decided to lock down the middle so Kobe couldn’t drive and what happened... LA took a record number of 3’s and walked away with the W. It was a decent plan but didn’t work out.

The other thing that’s always bothered me is TJ Ford.... he’s quick, good skills and can shoot. The problem I find is that he’s a shoot first, pass second guard. The other night, yes, he led the rally against the Warriors, but in the first part of the 4th he took almost all the shots (8 of the first 12 ...) and it’s not as if he was on fire, he finished the night 8-18. Many of the shots were forced as he dribbled the ball and ran around, while the rest of the Raptors might as well have sat down and enjoyed the Ford show.

Maybe I’m being too hard on him but I think Calderon is the better choice for the Raptors on a go forward basis, but until they get someone to compliment Bosh it won’t matter too much. If Barnagni doesn’t show the potential to be a go to guy I think they’re going to have to try a different route.

Oh yeah as I’m sure everyone knows, the Rockets have won 20 straight (Ed. Note: Trebor sent this two days ago - I believe the Rockets have now won 22 straight.) even without Yao and how have they done it.... through this guy, who they now impersonate. I actually thought this guy was dead or retired, he’s gotta be in his 40’s but that wag of the finger ...classic.

more drunk cheerleaders. What else to say about this.

There is also this college tourney, I really don’t know much about it, I‘ll watch the score or something to figure out what’s going on and which #6 seed is going to be upset.

The one thing I do know I learned from this sign . For those who don’t know who she is......

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Luke said...

The Raptors don't seem to have much heart at all - and have about zero toughness. These are not good things to have going into the playoffs.

I think last night's numbers pretty much sum everything up:

T.J Ford - 14 mins (before getting ejected), 3-9 shooting, 7 points, 4 turnovers, and 2 assists

Bargnani - 24 mins, 2-11 shooting and 5 points

Nesterovic - had a season-high 12 rebounds. Which is nice, but doesn't it concern anyone else that the team's "center" has a season-high rebound total of 12?

The Raptors desperately need a true centre with some attitude - or at least maybe they could get Charles Oakley back. I know he's not a center but he'd put the fear of god into everyone, including his teamates.

I think the Raptors missed the boat last year by not trading T.J Ford. They could have sold high on him, but now he's got another injury-plagued year under his belt. They need to turn the keys over to Calderon.