Tuesday, March 4, 2008

There's No Accounting For Taste - Here Come the Newlyweds Edition

Trebor is still watching bad T.V so that you don't have to...

Well the other night while waiting for Big Brother to come on, the fiancee and I watched the last part of Moment of Truth. I’m glad I did, hoping that the show, at that moment started it’s decline to hell.

The next day it was on the news and all over the place that the show broke up a marriage. The quote from the girl (contestant) “ I still want us to be together, but I’m not sure if he feels the same way”. They then had Walberg say… I couldn’t believe she would do that to her husband and would keep going. Then the creator or some dude from the street for all I know “this is meant to be a fun game, it’s not meant to hurt anyone or cause problems”

Really… I always think of this line from Pres. Garfield the truth will set you free... but first it will make you miserable. And in this case not only you but all of your loved ones as well. Though to give the show a bit of a break, I don’t think this was a strong marriage to begin with… she almost seemed trophy wife-ish and I think he knew about most of it.

So what were the questions … I missed the beginning but apparently she had some things to tell her parents and family that weren’t good. The first question I heard: Were you in love with another man on the day of your wedding ??- YES. Ouch, poor guy. The next asked by a surprise guest , her ex-boyfriend. If I wanted to get back together with you, would you leave your husband ??

Never got to hear the answer cause someone buzzed and cancelled the question (it’s a lifeline of sorts). Here’s the thing, it was the sister and she said no one wanted to hear that answer, to which the husband said I wanted to hear it!! Walberg says well, you don’t have to answer that question so we’ll move on; this one could be better or worse ( I wonder which), The ex asks Do you think you should be married to me?

“Well I’m going to be truthful…yes I do” Ouch this poor guy has to sit here on national TV. I’m feeling sorry for this guy, no sorrow for the girl though. Walberg- there’s just 1 more question to get to 100,000……. Since being married have you slept with other men ??

Guess what her answer was…. I think at this time the crowd stopped cheering when she answered right, maybe realizing that this women is awful and deserves tomatoes thrown at her or something. She kept looking surprised too, though the constants know the question before hand ???

So she got to 100,000 and she can risk it, answer 3 more question and get 200,000. The husband is saying keep going, what else is there to tell. I would be encouraging her to keep going as well, cause the next day I’d be signing papers to take half of it. Her family didn’t really seem to be talking to her, so she keeps going.

Do you think you are a good person? Stupid, stupid question. Well, turns out she thinks she is a good person, not a big surprise. However, the detector says she’s lying. So she walks home with …..0 dollars and no sense.

The real article was supposed to be on this show I watched on Sunday. Here Come the Newlyweds. I saw it advertised and as a newly engaged couple I thought we should watch this, maybe learn some things.

The contestants… I don’t know their names, but there’s a couple who dated for 14 years before getting married, one couple 5 months, 1 couple have each been married 3 times prior, 1 arranged marriage and then the couple which I hate… they are like a Ken and Barbie, who suspiciously look alike... brother and sister maybe. They are just all lovey dovey kissing and hugging and smiling all the time… you're shmoopy… no you're shmoopy.

I was a bit disappointed in the show, maybe it will get better but they don’t spend enough time looking at the quirks or relationship stuff. The fist contest was - the guys are blindfolded then each girl goes and kisses each guy. The challenge... can you identify which is your wife’s kiss. I sheepishly looked over hoping that Shannon wasn’t going to ask if I could identify her's. I don’t know if I can. If she asked, then hell yeah I could, but her not around ???Maybe?

Only one couple got it wrong so maybe it’s easy, though I think smell probably would be how the guys got it. They then had a sex therapist come in and this could have been more interesting. She blabbed on for a bit then went to each contestant and asked how many times a week should you be having sex? So no couple got it and the guys were always higher than the girls…surprisingly. The common answer for the ladies was 2. The one guy... the funny man that sounds like Bernie mac, said 50.

“Don’t be afraid to tell her- If you want it 50 times a week let her know, cause if you don’t tell her, you ain’t going to get it.”

That was the only question that this therapist asked. They do clips of the couples talking in private and a group hug and share thing. The arranged couple was cool, he’s like - it’s not like my dad gave her dad 20 goats and I get to keep her for the rest of my life. Our parents know us the best and want what’s best, so it makes sense for them to pick someone out. Good point. I could find myself thinking that’s a good idea, though only 1 date before marriage…. hmmm.

It could work, but who hasn’t met the perfect girl only to find yourself a week later having diner on a sidewalk cafĂ©, when all of a sudden a fork is jammed in your leg after briefly glancing at the blonde girl walking by in the blue halter top and way too tight jeans?

The last competition was blindfolding the guy and having him drive through a parking lot with the wife directing him. At the end they had to parallel park. This did start a debate between us as far as which way I’m supposed to turn the wheel, but again they didn’t really show much, only a couple seconds of every couple. I did learn that riding along with Shannon driving is kinda risky.

The one girl kept saying… so just pull up to the red car. Husband – what red car, I’m blindfolded. She mentioned the car like another 4 or 5 times.

At the end they vote out a couple, but it seems forced and they spend more time on that than they need to. We’ll watch it again... maybe, it comes on here at 10:00 Sunday night, so not favorable but better than sitting down and watching some sitcom.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like a terrible man and am ashamed to say this, but in the spirit of Moment of Truth - I witnessed both of these programs which Trebor speaks of.

That marriage breakup had to be fixed. That dude did not look as surprised as he should have been. He was a doctor, and i can admit, a handsome man. She, on the other hand, wasn't even all that good looking. Maybe it was the excuse he needed to get away from the queen of the harpies.

And I must agree, the ken and barbie couple on that newlyweds game made me vomit. She's sitting there laughing how she stopped 5 years into med school to become a airline stewardess to be closer to her pilot schmoopie. I don't buy that for a second. Maybe it's an act, but she had to be the dumbest person on television. As for most of those newlywed games, you'd have to be a moron not to cheat. How easy would it be to give each other signals, slip a tongue on the cheek kissing game, tap the knee the number of times you're going to guess, etc.

Ahh, none of this deserves this much attention anyway. Come back sports. Playoff hockey. I'd even watch curling. Something other than this.