Thursday, March 13, 2008

Be Still Your Beating Hearts

Yes, it is I - the Editor of this sinking ship. I said I'd be back one day, didn't I? Even I didn't think it would take me this long to emerge from the sports-apocalypse that is February. But now I'm rested, re-dyed and ready to work.

But not tonight.

I'd say I'm back with a whimper, rather than a vengeance.

The one snippet of information I wanted to pass on today is about the 1st Annual Sports As Life March Madness Pool Party.

If you're like me, you follow College Basketball for approximately 3 weeks every year - oh, but what a 3 weeks it is! And it kicks off this Sunday - nope it's not Easter, it's Selection Sunday - where the teams for the NCAA Tournament will be decided.

So start thinking about your brackets because Sports As Life is hosting a March Madness Pool Party this year. If you're interested in signing up and filling out a bracket, simply follow this link:

Then click the Bracket Madness link and get yourself signed up.

Once your done with that, join the league named Sportsaslife (the password, quite cleverly, is sportsaslife).

But I swear if someone screws up again this year and accidentally starts a new league because they can't figure out how to join properly - I will hunt you down and get you banned from the Internet. Don't think I won't!

So there you have it - it could not possibly be easier to join up and have a little fun while you sit at work next week cursing George Mason or Oral Roberts. Tell all your friends - come one, come all.

And yes, there will be a prize for the first place finisher in the Sportsaslife league. What is it you ask? Oh, I'll never tell.

Sign up now!


Anonymous said...

I hope the prize is cake.

Luke said...

Third place is cake... which you buy at the store... with your own money.

Anonymous said...

Is first place a monkey? Some kind of helper monkey? That the winner could have a drink with? I say this because the editors office was starting to smell of a zoo animal of some sort. It is either a monkey or perhaps the editor needs to have his garbage emptied...make Jamario do it.


Luke said...

You leave Jamario be - he's making me a spicey meataballs for dinner.

Mitch said...

Trust me, you do not want a monkey.

Walks said...

1st prize is a Riders Kerry Joseph Jersey.

Luke said...

You definitely don't want a monkey - it's not all funny faces and dancing with toothbrushes.