Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Upon Further Review - Week 4 in the NFL

Before we get to the NFL today, did you see that the sale of the Nashville Predators to a local ownership group has apparently fallen through? (you can read the story here) I'd say this is the exact opposite start to the season that the NHL was looking for - two players carted off the ice on stretchers already, a lawsuit against the league and now a highly-touted sale falling through. I wonder if anyone kept Jim Balsille's phone number?


...It's starting to look like there are an awful lot of bad teams in the NFL. I mean a lot. There are a few mediocre teams. But there are only 3 good teams: New England, Dallas and Indianapolis. Green Bay and Pittsburgh are the tops of the mediocre group but I'm not ready to call them good yet.

...The Patriots are going to go 16-0. I generally don't hope I'm wrong about anything - but I do about this.

...Did you see Tony Romo's scramble against St. Louis on Sunday? If not - here you go. Quite an athletic feat - having to run 38 yards to get 3 yards for a first down. I'm starting to look smart for picking the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl from the NFC. Of course I also picked the Saints to be in the NFC Championship game...oh well.

...Have you ever heard of Brett Favre? I'd never heard of this guy before Sunday but apparently a lot of people like him.

...In all seriousness it was great to see Favre break the all time passing touchdown mark on Sunday. Enjoy Favre while you can everybody, he's the last of his kind. With so much emphasis on game management now we'll never see a quarterback like him again, for better or worse.

...NFL Sunday Countdown seemed to actually be going pretty well this week - until TSN cut off the last hour to show the Presidents Cup. Could someone explain to me why I don't get the TSN Alternate feed - maybe I could at least continue watching the shows I started watching.

...With no Countdown I was forced to watch the Fox pre-game show....yikes...

...Did you see Jon Ryan's accidental fake punt against the Vikings on the weekend? Apparently it was called as a fake, then changed to a punt but Ryan didn't get the signal and tried to throw the fake punt but nobody was there. So he just took off and got the first down. If you want to see the video, go here - then scroll down to 2007 Season Highlights and click on the Vikings game - it's about 2:30 into the video.

...The Do Not Bet on Until Further Notice now contains the majority of the NFL - although Kansas City and Oakland are trying to play their way off it. I bet on them and actually won this past weekend.

...Joey Harrington has been removed from the Quarterbacks Who Are Killing Their Team list. He's actually played pretty well the last two weeks - they won this week and probably should have last week. Phillip Rivers is still on there. I don't think Rex Grossman counts anymore but Brian Griese could find his way onto the list. I suspect Steve McNair will be on the list soon and possibly even Drew Brees. Chad Pennington is creeping towards it as well.

...Thank goodness the Phillies made the playoffs or people in Philly might be catatonic after the Eagles game on Sunday night.

...San Diego coach Norv Turner will be fired this year... sooner than later I imagine - possibly by the end of October. It's actually a shame to see so much talent going to waste on that San Diego team.

...Can you believe Oakland and Kansas City (and Denver) are tied for first in the AFC West?

...Did you know that Trent Dilfer is still in the league with San Francisco? Or at least did you know that before he was pressed into action on Sunday when Alex Smith got injured? What's even more baffling is that Dilfer is rated an 80 in Madden '07.

...The Baltimore defence is bad. There's no two ways about it. Actually that whole team is bad - I'm just bitter because that defence is costing me games in my fantasy league.

...Chicago kick returner Devin Hester is a force of nature and almost cost me money in the Detroit game. Trust me, I was an emotional basket case.

...I hate the New England Patriots, have I ever mentioned that? This must have been what it was like to hate the Steelers in the 70s, 49ers in the 80s and Cowboys in the 90s.

...Because of popular demand (one person) The Links and Artist of the Week will be resurrected this coming Friday.

...That is all.

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Trebor said...

I loved the fox pre-gmae every 23 seconds, the host whoever he is...kept saying brett favre....then i swear there was 1 interaction with everyone saying brett or favre or the combination "favre favre brett" " ah favre brett favre" and so forth. It was mildy better than the continual spygame stuff. Yeah i get it he did something wrong and yadda yadda yadda.

I liked when steve young and 'coach' were talking about old tricks... headsets mysteriously not working for the first 15 plays...doors being opened...good stuff.

I think there are more bad teams than mediocore... my list of teams not to bet on is growing and growing.

greise cost the bears that game, and though we'll never know..if grossman was playing i think that's a win. what the bears should do is let hester play QB..why not

If season ended now..Detroit is in them...that's a definite yikes

I actually watched the 49er game..trent could be a great quarterback, it's hard to tell when his O-line does nothing to protect him...alsmost as bad as Osi schooling Mercy for 6 sacks..how do you not give that guy some help.

that's aboot it, time to start looking at fantasy stuff.