Friday, October 12, 2007

The Links

As I was watching NFL Sunday Countdown last weekend I thought to myself - why is Keyshawn Johnson trying to stuff a rag down coach Ditka's throat? And then I thought - wow do I love Kenny Mayne. So here's the best of Kenny Mayne that Youtube has to offer:

... The technology to land a man on the sun this year.

... This is what I think of your wedge.

... Just imagine what I would do if I took the balls out of the package.

... Maybe my problem is that I don't yell during my own backswing.

... Take 4 minutes and watch this whole clip - you won't be sorry.

You can see all of those and a little bit more at:

... Here's a clip from the Mayne Event on Sunday Countdown. Look out for the Goat-Dog... it's worth it.


Trebor said...

Indeed That.

Anonymous said...

Hey Luke, I can't access your links. Damn firewall. I hate when they expect you to work the full 8 hours...