Friday, September 28, 2007

You Bet Your Life

I am back for another week of college football prognostication.

Yes I know I missed last weekend’s picks, and no I did not have bird flu like some of you have suggested. I merely got a severe case of procrastinationitis. Trust me you wouldn’t have wanted my picks anyway, it was a tough weekend, let’s just leave it at that. Anywho, there are a multitude of big games this weekend. This is the weekend that will separate the men from the boys.

West Virginia (4-0) @ South Florida (4-0): Depending on how Rutgers does the rest of the season this game may as well end up deciding the champion of the Big East. Pat White and Steve Slaton of West Virginia roll into Tampa Bay looking to avenge last year’s loss to the Bulls. Up until South Florida’s upset win over West Virginia last year most people, including myself, had no idea that South Florida had a competitive football program. There are some key names to watch - guys who will no doubt be 1st round picks in upcoming NFL Drafts. QB Pat White or “Mike Vick 3.0” (Remember Marcus Vick was Mike Vick 2.0) and RB Steve Slaton of West Virginia as well as QB Matt Grothe and DE George Selvie of South Florida. Selvie, a sophomore may just be the best DE in all of college football. This will be a back and forth, high scoring game, West Virginia will squeak out a victory, but not cover the spread of -7.5.
West Virginia 43 – South Florida 41

Cal (4-0) @ Oregon (4-0): This will be the game of the week by far. Two of the best offences in the nation, yet two of the poorest defenses in the nation. The winner of this game will undoubtedly be the only challenger to USC for the PAC-10 title. Oregon at home is almost unbeatable, the home crowd and the running ability of the Ducks QB Dennis Dixon out of the spread offence gives the Ducks the upper hand in this one. The Ducks will pull out the victory but not cover the spread.
Oregon 38 – Cal 35

Michigan St (4-0) @ Wisconsin (4-0): This will be a close, low scoring game where the favorite doesn’t cover the spread. Both teams may be a combined 8 – 0 but their wins have come against some weak opponents (ie: Notre Dame and The Citadel) and in these wins both teams have failed to put up the big numbers that you would expect to see. Wisconsin should pull out the victory thanks to what is one of the loudest crowds in the nation at Camp Randall Stadium.
Wisconsin 17 – Mich St 16

Clemson (4-0) @ Georgia Tech (2-2): Clemson goes into Atlanta as 3 point favorites against a Georgia Tech team that is coming of two straight losses to Boston College and Virginia. Georgia Tech’s explosive offense that was showcased at Notre Dame in week 1 is now proving to be more due to the lack of talent at Notre Dame than the Georgia Tech offense itself. Clemson with its dynamic back field duo of James Davis and CJ Spiller along with QB Cullen Harper who is the 7th ranked passer in the nation with 12 TD’s and 0 Ints should easily handle the Georgia Tech defense that was eviscerated by Virginia the previous week. Look for Clemson to cover the -2.5 point spread.
Clemson 24 – Georgia Tech 17

Pitt (2-2) @ Virginia (3-1): Dave Wannstedt was thrown out for life from the NFL (So I was told) for incompetent coaching abilities and now those same inept coaching abilities are on display at Pitt. Pitt is coming of an embarrassing loss to UConn, a school only known for basketball, while Virginia is coming of an upset win against Georgia Tech. Virginia has won 3 straight after an opening week loss to Wyoming and I see the streak staying alive this weekend. Virginia should cover the -7.5 point spread.
Virginia 27 – Pitt 7

And now finally my lock of the week. I am 0 – 2 on my lock of the week so far, in all honestly I thought the Generals were due. This week I look to change all that with this Saturday’s game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida St Seminoles...

Alabama (3-1) @ Florida St (2-1): The last time these two storied programs met was way back in 1974. I believe segregation was still all the rave with Paul “Bear” Bryant on his Alabama team that year. These two meet up at a neutral site in Jacksonville where there will be 40,000 Bama fans and 40,000 Seminole fans so home advantage is non-existent here. New Bama coach Nick Saban and his group of Crimson Tide are coming of a heartbreaking OT loss at home to Georgia last weekend. A game so exciting that ESPN’s Mike Patrick felt it more important to discuss the goings on of one Britney Spears in OT, during the winning play. It was Hilarious! This game should be no different. A defensive battle between two teams who excel at defense but suck, and suck out loud at offence. Florida States 2 wins have come against poor opponents in UAB and Colorado while Alabama has defeated a good team in Arkansas and a decent team in Vanderbilt. Florida St is favored to win by -2.5. I look for Alabama to win this game outright.
Alabama 20 – Florida St 16


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...Mike Vick kills dogs...Mike Vick 2.0 robs mcdonalds with guns...what the heck does Mike Vike 3.0 do? Is he going to be some unstoppable killing machine? Like the Terminator (although all we need is a giant hydrolic press to kill that thing, or some lava, or...I don't know what they did to the third one cause it sucked).
Nice to see ya back Mr. College Foozball. I like your article, but it needs a little spice, how bout the mascot matchup of the week? You know that college commentators build their whole careers on hocky putting on mascot heads infront of college kids, fantastic.
Glad you got over that bout of the chicken flu.

Perv 23 said...

how about for spice, you could point out the college games where i'm likely to see some hotties all scantaly dressed in the stands..or as cheerleaders either way. We know the nebraska girls are well endowed.. (there was a reason given to this..all the milk they drink ??) anyway hopefully you get my point...I need something other than the football to get interested in college football and I think college girls would do the trick. Utube clips are expected!!