Friday, September 28, 2007

I Predict A Riot - Week 4 in the NFL

I said yesterday I was going to do an NHL Preview...but I just couldn't find the energy. I think the NHL has got to win me back as a fan before I can get excited about it again. Incompetent owners, a corrupt union, an on-ice product that I don't think is 'all the way back' and guys being stretchered off the ice almost weekly - have all really soured me. I'm still a Flames fan and I'll watch some Saturday night games but I won't be watching Dallas/Minnesota on a Tuesday night. I'll hit the highlights here and there with my coverage but I definitely won't be blanketing it.

And if you really want my opinion, Steve Downie should be suspended for the year. Clearly someone needs to be made example of - and why not him? Hits to the head is an issue that is going to dog the NHL until they finally address it one way or another.


12-4 in picks last week, try to do better this week...

Houston @ Atlanta

I'm going the other way on this one and I really, really have no idea why. Houston's receivers and running backs are so banged up right now I don't know who Matt Schaub is going to get the ball to. Atlanta has to win a game at some point...don't they?

Winner: Atlanta

NY Jets @ Buffalo

Once upon a time this would have been a classic AFC East battle - neither of the terms 'classic' or 'battle' now apply. Just like Atlanta, Buffalo has to win at some point...but I don't think it's going to be this week - too many injuries to overcome.

Winner: NY Jets

Baltimore @ Cleveland

I don't think Baltimore is a very good team, I really don't. Mind you, they're playing Cleveland - and I know they're not a good team.

Winner: Baltimore

St. Louis @ Dallas

You know in movies when someone says, "Piece of cake," or "This is going to be no problem," the exact opposite is actually true - it is not a piece of cake and it is going to be a problem. I'm thinking this might be that game for Dallas. St. Louis is missing its entire starting offensive line, their star running back is out and their quarterback has multiple broken ribs. Am I over thinking this? Why do I not think this is the slam dunk for Dallas it should be? I've got a bad feeling about this.

Winner: Dallas

Chicago @ Detroit

Chicago's defence is beat up worse than Tina Turner circa 1978...too soon? Both starting cornerbacks are out, the starting safety, and possibly both starting defensive tackles...and maybe a starting linebacker. Detroit is built to beat people through the air and they should be able to do it against Chicago's once-proud defence. Of course Detroit can't stop anybody either and with the much anticipated debut of Brian Griese for the Bears it might be a shootout.

Winner: Detroit

Oakland @ Miami

Revenge game. Daunte Culpepper looks to be finally getting a chance in Oakland and as luck would have it, he'll be playing the team that gave up on him in 0.001 nanoseconds - the Miami Dolphins. I suspect he's going to be properly motivated.

Winner: Oakland

Green Bay @ Minnesota

The general rule of thumb is that you never bet on Brett Favre in a dome. However, I read yesterday that in his last 4 games in Minnesota Favre has averaged over 300 yards a game and has 10 touchdowns - thank you very much Matthew Berry. And that was when he wasn't even playing very well.

Winner: Green Bay

Seattle @ San Francisco

If I were a betting man, I'd be very leery about taking Seattle on the road this week. They lost both games they played against the 49ers last year. And even though San Francisco has the worst offence in the league, Seattle's defence is about as porous as a...well, something funny that's porous. I feel I'm going out on a limb here...

Winner: San Francisco

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

Honestly, I have no idea...There's a very real possibility that Tampa might actually be a good team. I don't know why that makes me sad.

Winner: Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh @ Arizona

Do you realize that Pittsburgh has only given up 8.7 points per game this year? Do you realize that Kurt Warner might be playing quarterback for Arizona?

Winner: Pittsburgh

Kansas City @ San Diego

Well Kansas City is not going to start 0-7, thankfully. And as hard as it is to believe, if Kansas City pulls out a win and Denver loses, KC will be tied for the division lead in the AFC West. But I don't see it happening. Although if San Diego loses this game at home, Norv Turner might be out of a job on Monday.

Winner: San Diego

Denver @ Indianapolis

This is finally the game that exposes Denver for what they really are - a bad team. "The Broncos are who we thought they were!" - sorry, just blacked out for a second there. Denver should really be 0-3 and not 2-1, I'm not sure why this bothers me as much as it does.

Winner: Indianapolis

Philadelphia @ NY Giants

Was Philly's dismantling of Detroit an aberration? Was the Giants win more about Washington's collapse? I'm guessing yes to both of those. However, I'm still sticking with the Donovan F. McNabb train until it ruins me. Plus the Giants have Plaxico Burress on a wonky ankle and absolutely no defence.

Winner: Philadelphia

New England @ Cincinnati

We might have to take legal action to get the Patriots stopped. They're not going to be satisfied until the whole league is laying at their feet in a smoldering rubble. Also my blatant reverse jinxes are not working at all, the Patriots just keep getting better and better. November 4th - New England @ Indianapolis, circle that date on your calender.

Winner: New England

You may have noticed that I've discontinued The Links and Artist of the Week. Finding links every week and a different band was getting to be too much work. That's more in line with what JK is doing on Music, Movies and TV anyway, so I'll leave that in his capable hands - unless someone wants to volunteer their time to do it for Sports As Life. I'll be doing some guest columns on his blog discussing music and things like that anyway - so keep an eye out for those.

Riders 29 - Montreal 18


Trevor said...

My interest in the NHL keeps getting lower and lower while my interest in both the CFL and NFL keeps getting higher.

The quality of hockey is nowhere near as good as it used to be. That along with a season that now lasts about 10 months(which is ridiculous) has caused me to lose almost complete interest.

What is also ridiculous about hockey is that they are looking at adding 4 more teams to the playoffs....Not since the CFL has it been so easy to get to the postseason.

I'm sure that the economics won't work with what players salaries are but the league needs to cut down the season to 70 games and make at least the first round of the playoffs best of 5.

Wow with as much commentating as I have been doing lately between your Blog and Jeff's I could almost have enough material for my own! lol

Trebor said...

I'm glad I didn't have to dig up that info on favre to convince TH to start him. I heard on my new favorite radio station; 710 on your am dial. 10 Td's 2 int in last 4 games.... plus he's going for the record and playing good now.

Upset of the week..KC over SD... Last year 2 teams beat SD, and KC was one of them. Will I put money on that.... no but it may be closer than one might think.