Friday, September 21, 2007

I Predict A Riot - Week 3 in The NFL

We're going with a seriously abbreviated version of the NFL picks this week. More next week I promise.

Buffalo @ New England

There is no humanly force that is going to stop New England. We might have to summon Captain Planet.

Winner: New England

Miami @ NY Jets

A team that almost beat Baltimore on the road last week should be able to win at home against Miami, shouldn't they?


Detroit @ Philadelphia

I think the reason I'm still picking Philly to win games is that I picked Donovan McNabb to be the Comeback Player of the Year - which it looks like is not going to happen. He might not even be the starter by the end of the year.

Winner: Philadelphia

San Francisco @ Pittsburgh

How the 49ers got to be 2-0 while having less offence than anyone else in the league is quite baffling. Don't expect that to continue against a surprising Steelers team.

Winner: Pittsburgh

San Diego @ Green Bay

There is a very real possibility that Norv Turner is already killing the Chargers. This is a must-win game for them.

Winner: San Diego

Minnesota @ Kansas City

If there was a game that Kansas City was going to win this year - it should be this one. It sounds like the Vikings' choices at QB are going to be Brooks Bollinger or Kelly Holcomb.

Winner: Kansas City

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay

Right now everybody who took Steven Jackson second overall in Fantasy Drafts is panicking more than Lindsay Lohan at last call (please don't leave Hollywood Lindsay, I need you)

Winner: Tampa Bay

Arizona @ Baltimore

So much for Anquan Boldin as Offensive Player of the Year - oh, well you gotta take a chance every now and then.

Winner: Baltimore

Indianapolis @ Houston

As much as I'd like to see Houston beat Indy...

Winner: Indianapolis

Cleveland @ Oakland

As far as I'm concerned, last week's Cleveland/Cincinnati game never happened - you hear me, it never happened! I don't think I can live in a world where Derek Anderson is a stud QB.

Winner: Oakland

Cincinnati @ Seattle

If Seattle can successfully execute a couple of handoffs they win this game, the Bengals sure aren't going to stop anybody.

Winner: Seattle

Jacksonville @ Denver

I was wrong about Maurice Jones-Drew alright, I admit it. Jacksonville is not a good team and their running game is embarrassing. Do you think they wish they had Byron Leftwich now?

Winner: Denver

Carolina @ Atlanta

Yikes - it turns out we were right about Joey Harrington all along.

Winner: Carolina

NY Giants @ Washington

Washington is showing a little bit of spark and the Giants, well the Giants, they aren't.

Winner: Washington

Dallas @ Chicago

Rex Grossman is a bad quarterback. There's just no way around it now. I thought maybe he could bounce back and prove people wrong - but it looks like I was wrong.

Winner: Dallas

Tennessee @ New Orleans

This is the dictionary definition of a must-win game.

Winner: New Orleans

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