Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

The most common Fantasy Football thought this week has been, "I can't believe I started the Cincinnati defence!" If this was you, don't worry - you're not the only one. Just don't make that mistake again. Playing Cincinnati's D against Cleveland is a great argument for why you shouldn't play the match-up game. Of course playing Brett Favre against the NY Giants is a great argument for why you should play the match-up game. Which leads me to the second part of TH's comment from yesterday:

"Well I know it is a bit early in the week for fantasy talk (or is it?) but I must say, even though I won this week (oh, thanks for the tip on starting farve, sorry I couldn't offer you any advice)...I have a sneaking suspicion that that was an anomaly. So riddle me this, who should I play this week at qb? Rivers or Farve (who are playing each other)? Jordan, McGahee or the now resurgent Jamal Lewis? Oh and no bad advice since I am playing against you in the league this week (can you separate personal from professional?)."

No - in fact I cannot separate personal from professional - so you should start Joey Harrington, Matt Jones, Brandon Lloyd, Fred Taylor, Kenton Keith and the New Orleans defence. At 0-2 I need every win I can get - I have no scruples. Since I am playing you I'll let Trevor, the Sports As Life Fantasy Expert answer your questions:

"I would start Favre at QB. And RB's - Jordan of course, going against the Browns, and toss up, both other RBs have favorable match up's.... Henry did rush for 120 some yards against Oaktown so lewis should be able to do the same."

I still say you should be starting Kenton Keith - he's due.

Since you should, under no circumstances take Fantasy advice from someone who's 0-2 and starting Wes Welker and Jacoby Jones at wide receiver - here's Trevor's fantasy analysis for this week:

Get Them Off Your Bench

Cadillac Williams vs St. Louis
Lamont Jordan vs Cleveland - even if he wasn't against the browns he shouldn't be on the bench anymore
Travis Henry vs. Jacksonville - he may not get the TD’s but in leagues that give points per yard, he’s great

Donovan McNabb vs Detroit - he has looked bad but this is his breakout game
Matt Hasselbeck vs Cincinnati - nothing great yet, but he gets the Bungles so....
Josh McCown vs Cleveland - it’s the Browns and he hasn’t looked that bad thus far
Jason Cambell vs NY Giants - he did well against a blitz happy Eagles defence Monday...think what he’ll do against a team with no pass rush and an non-existent secondary.... NOTE: I’m not sure if they have players in those positions, maybe Tom Coughlin has just painted up some pylons which he controls poorly from the sideline.
Vince Young vs New Orleans - did you see Jeff Garcia last week, enough said

Larry Fitzgerald vs Baltimore - this may be a sleeper but I think if you're going to attack the Baltimore D it’s through the air
Donald Driver vs San Diego - see above
Jerricho Cotchery vs Miami - emerging as a favorite target
Deion Branch vs Cincinnati - see reason for starting Hasselbeck
Ronald Curry vs Cleveland - it's Cleveland, enough said

Jeremy Shockey vs Washington - Eli Manning has to throw it to someone
Tennessee Def vs New Orleans - look what they did to the Colts and the 'Aints have yet to show they have an offense
Kansas City Defence vs Minnesota - who knows who will be the Minny QB (hopefully we get another Brooks Bollinger sighting)
Kickers in the Cowboys/Bears game


Joey Harrington vs Carolina - no one will have this guy on their team and shouldn’t, but he gets to go in this category this week (for some reason)
Ronnie Brown vs NY Jets - he may lose some touches on the running side but I see him becoming a bigger part of the passing game
Antwaan Randel El - did you see on the last drive when he faked going out of bounds then tried for the goaline... sure not a smart decision...maybe a bit selfish...but I like it

Get Them On Your Bench

Edgerrin James vs Baltimore - he’s showing signs of getting back to old but not a good match-up
Larry Johnson vs Minnesota - ok yes he was a stud last year, but wow - candidate for biggest bust thus far

Jon Kitna vs Philadelphia - Kitna's prediction of a 10 win season is looking possible, but he will be on his back more than... no, no more cheap shots at Britney
Matt Schaub vs Indianpolis - this guy is hot right now, but Andre Johnson could be out and Bob Sanders is at full speed back at safety, getting to everything faster than Brittney can get to ... phew barley caught myself on that one... but it’s such an easy target...easier than... damn almost did it again
Chad Penington vs Miami - looks like the Jets are going to give the ball back to him - big mistake

Donte' Stallworth vs Buffalo - what happened to this guy??? Looks like Wes Welker is the #2 receiver in New England, bench him or drop him completely

Other Fantasy News.... On Monday night the sack of McNabb from Rocky Mcintosh lost me the week in my IDP league... it didn’t help that McNabb thinks Reggie Brown is 7 ft 5 (Reggie was my WR for the game)... he’s throwing like another QB in a green jersey that we’re all familiar with... I foresee , Feely or Kolb ( is that his name ??) getting a start or 2 before this year is over. In the editors drafted league....I’m going to try and compile a team of players with first names starting with T. It may not be possible but here is the team that could start:

Tom Brady
Tony Romo
Travis Henry
Thomas Jones
Terrel Owens
Tory Hold
TJ housh....
Todd Heap
Tony Gonzalez
Tennessee D/ST
Tampa Bay D/ST

Looked at the teams and it’s possible, though getting Terrel and Holt unlikely, and Brady would be tough to get ... if only Brees wasn’t sucking as much as....whoops, I almost did it again.

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Anonymous said...

So I picked up Kenton Keith and Joey Harrington as per your advice in the NFL fantasy league and then Trebor tells me that that advice was bad...what the heck buddy!!! Or should I say WTF!!! I guess that I should read the whole post before going and changing my whole team...sigh. I am going to find you and take you down in like 3.06 seconds buddy...ya that is right you are going DOWN.
Seriously though, you are a 5 point favorite to win our match so don't worry.

Oh and it is nice to see Trebor writing for your rag...well done, well done.