Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Best Day of the Year

And I just got one question for ya... Are you ready for some football?

Normally I'm going to post the NFL picks every week on Friday. However, because of the Thursday game I have to put that one up a day early. So here it is:

New Orleans @ Indianapolis

Honestly, I don't know who's going to win this game and I don't even care. I'm just all kinds of fired up about the fact that I can watch football again without hearing the words, "And at quarterback - Timmy Chang," or, "The punt goes through the endzone for a single point." It's good to be back. I just hope that after this game we stop seeing the Peyton Manning/Reggie Bush commercial every 7.3 seconds. It was genuinely funny the first 134 times I saw it but the other 413 times have been a gradual descent downhill - of course I do watch the NFL network more than the average person.

I'm finding this game very tough to decide on. The Colts are going to be fired up, as this is their first home game since winning the Super Bowl. But the Saints are going to want to show that they're an elite team by beating the Super Bowl champs. I flip-flopped on this game a couple of times in my NFL Preview before finally giving it to New Orleans.

Winner: New Orleans
Sport Select: New Orleans 3.60......Tie 3.90......Indianapolis 1.55......Over/Under 53.5

If you happen to find yourself wandering the Internet tonight, check back for Cooper's College Football Preview. It should be up later on this evening.


Anonymous said...

My Pro-line has this game as a tie. Indy by 3.


Trebor said...

I'd take the over in this game and as well Indy to win.. my guess is by at least 10 points.