Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let 'Em Know You're There!

"Get that lumber in his teeth. Let 'em know you're there!" - Player/Coach Reg Dunlop

With all the whining and complaining about the brawl between Saskatchewan and B.C on Saturday night I felt compelled to weigh in as well.

Here's what I know:

Should Sherko Haji-Rasoulli be suspended? Yes, absolutely without a doubt. One game and get it over with. Of course this will turn into an A.J Gass Arbitration Situation and if he does end up having to serve a game it won't be for a month. A further indictment of the CFL.

Should Rob Murphy be suspended? Meeehhhh......I don't know. I don't think so. A fine is probably more appropriate. Yeah he had John Chick pinned to the ground, chokehold or not, but Murphy didn't strike Chick or anything. But if Fred Perry doesn't get a fine or suspension for drilling Dave Dickenson in the chin with his helmet, who knows what's appropriate any more?

But here's what I want to know...why oh why oh why didn't any of Chick's teammates come to his defence? Murphy had him pinned to the ground and defenseless and not one of the Rider players came to help him. I think that says more about the Roughrider team than anything else I've seen or heard this year (I will admit that I didn't see the game but in the highlights I saw nobody made any attempt to get Murphy off Chick).

I realize that you don't want your team to be instigating anything and taking more penalties but you do want your team to stand up for itself - there is no way around that. And from what I saw the Roughriders did not stand up for their teammates. Someone should have been horse-collaring Murphy and sending him flying off of Chick.

I think an extra 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty is a small price to pay for something that would undoubtedly bring the team together as a group.

But now... how would you feel if someone from the opposing team had you defenseless on the ground and not one of your teammates came to your aide? Though you may deny it, it would probably make you feel like the people around you were not people you could trust to get your back. And that is not the mentality you want on a team.

What if someone on the Riders had stood up for Chick and blasted Murphy? I think this was the moment the defence has been looking for to give themselves an identity - one of those moments where you either stand up for each other or stand down. There is no doubt in my mind that the defence could have used that as a rallying cry for the rest of the game and probably the rest of the year.

Instead the exact opposite happened, BC used the brawl as a rallying cry to come back in the game.

Make no mistake, that was a street fight and from what I saw Saskatchewan got whipped - but who knows, I could be wrong....

...Ok, I just managed to find some more video of the fight and Fred Perry tugging at Rob Murphy's arm was not an adequate response to the situation.

Anyway...the NFL Review later on today.


Anonymous said...

I am bored with the riders...bored. Can we talk about another team or a real sport? Perhaps cricket, rugby, baseball, ncaa, sumo, something, but just not the riders any more. You know that they broke my heart the other night and I didn't even want to watch the game in the first place...but then i did and I was having a good time, and then...then...then...sigh, they broke my heart (and ruined my carpet when I puked on it when I saw the 'prevent' defence in effect).

I know that some people will say that I am not a real rider fan, but I am, I go to games, follow the team and I always hope that they do well (I don't own a chris szarka jersey, nor do I think that Andy Fantuz is the second coming of ray elgaard...do I still qualify?). However, I don't think that the Riders are made of teflon, nor do I think that people cant be upset when they continually under-perform. The riders are one thumb away from having a four thumbs down season.

Now, one to more important things than me nursing a broken heart...who should I start this weekend at qb? Farve (going against the Vikings in Minnesota) or Rivers (going against the Chiefs at home)...note that Farves numbers in a dome aren't always good.
Should I sign this comment, or will those 'true' riders fans try and drop me in 3.06 seconds? Or rile me up with their continued use of the word 'buddy'.
Meh, go for it.

Anonymous said...

As someone at the game, I can say that while watching it from the stands, the whole thing seemed like a minor altercation, and the crowd was just happy BC got 25 yards worth of penalties. I didn't notice any momentum change, and didn't think anything of the fight until after the game when tillman chestbumped buono. Pretty funny stuff, but i didn't know why. The fight didn't even cross my mind. Any opinion i have on the entire thing would be completely biased by the fact i find the entire bc organization smug, and am still reeling from the last minute loss. They are the league's great villain team.

If it wasn't for the last 35 seconds, that was a great game from a fan-in-the-stands perspective. I've never heard the crowd that noisy. On bc's final drive there were not one or two, but three bc procedure calls due to fan noise. How much more help does the defence need? That 3rd and 10 touchdown pass was originally 3rd and 5, before a procedure. I was ready to celebrate victory. Our safety's confidence is shot. Bring back Edwards.

And just for the record, i believe i was grossly misquoted (not that quotations or names were involved) as saying i watched a film about the factual mass murder of americans by terrorists, to "cheer up" after the rider debacle. Are you trying to kill my future run for U.S. congress. I did watch united 93, mostly because of the state of mind the riders had induced on me, but that was because i was already depressed and felt like wallowing in it.

Just wanted to clear that up. If it wasn't for that one play though, great game, and we'd be having a different discussion today. I will hold on to a little faith.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't just one play that broke that game, the riders looked unable/unwilling to stop a third string qb!!!!!!! There mister sports-as-life, is that enough exclaimation points for ya!!!!!!!! Buddy!!!!!

Anonymous said...


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