Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Commissioner's New Clothes

Good Morning All,

I had planned on writing something breaking down the new NHL jerseys but as I was browsing this morning I found that they had already done it - and done it much better and more professionally than I could. So check it out - there are lots of links to pictures of all the new jerseys.

Me? I think some of the new jerseys are not too bad - on the whole I think they're better than I though they'd be...but that's not saying much. It seems like the players don't like them too much, as it says in the Uni Watch article. We'll have to see how this plays out over the year.

I think I'll talk about the jerseys a little bit as the season starts and I actually watch a couple games.

I'm also thinking of doing a very, very short NHL preview - so that might be happening later in the day.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion about your NHL/hockey coverage and how you should go about it...don't bother until the end of the season when the playoff race is heating up and games are more intense and on a whole, far more interesting.
I understand that there should be blurbs about it from time-to-time, but seriously, it is like baseball, far to many games to cover the sport each and every week. Perhaps just the highlights/rants in a monday column?
Oh and as per your question the other day as to what happens when/if the Riders finish 9-9? The world goes back to a place where all is right in the world and things don't scare me as much...a few weeks ago up was down, black was white and I was confused. No but seriously, I think there will be alot of confused/angry people who have bought grey cup tickets here in saskatchewan who have no idea what to do with them cause the don't want to watch a bc/winnipeg final. go riders!!! 3.06!!! Buddy!!!!
Hey didn't someone use to write a NCAA piece for your commie rag? What ever happened to it? Did he get the chicken flu? Oh, to soon?

Trebor said...

For hockey coverage I'm on board with TH, but maybe a preview of what teams did in the 1-2 month break, to help or hurt their team this year.
Then on a week to week basis, maybe bevery 2 weeks....rants are always good, or just like a top 7 hits/goals/coach tirades