Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Flogging a Dead Horse

We interrupt your morning for some unscheduled blogging. Something has come to my attention and needs to be addressed.

Have you seen the Leader-Post sports section today? Get yourself a paper copy if you haven't. Not only is there nothing about the NFL...again - not really a big surprise. But take a look at Pages C2 and C3.

C2 is a full page, quite literally, of MLB stats. That's the second page of the sports section, which usually contains the second most important sports stories - but apparently we get a full page of stats.

C3 is a full page advertisement, again quite literally, for a car dealership. Just beyond mind-blowing to me.

This paper never ceases to amaze me. Do no subscribers have an interest in anything outside of their own backyard?

Don't worry, page C1 had 3 stories about Matt Dominguez's knee - just in case you were worried.

I can't believe this is what we have to settle for.

I think I should just start to publish my own paper.


Anonymous said...

A dead horse indeed. As a once loyal reader and delivery boy of said paper (with a perfect delivery record no less - despite kid brother almost messing it up constantly), i believe i was still a boy when I realized the leader post was for farmers and old people. It's kinda like our local news, where before the 5 minute mark i've seen such stories as a cat's amazing, accidental train journey from thunder bay to regina - don't worry, it was found safe and returned to its owners. That's what sells in Saskatchewan and always will. Writing anything about sports elsewhere would be a waste of time for them. It is done better and more professionally in thousands of places.

That's why i watch national news, and go elsewhere for printed papers. Sadly though, for us CFL apologists, there just isn't anywhere else to get Rider stories. Even in Canmore i read rob vanstone online, just for a little insight. It was excruciating, but i was in hostile territory and had no where to go. I'm a fan of the No Fun League too, but the leader post is the last place i'd ever look for info.

A weekly rider blog would be appreciated, for those of us with no where else to turn. There's just something exciting about undisciplined, less skilled football, where defensive breakdowns can cause huge plays at any time.


Mitch said...

Just what we need; Lucanus, our saviour, to come and change the world. Instead of a newspaper, why not a wartime-like, propaganda pamphlet made in your garage. The problem is, they have Rob Vanstone and you have Cooper from Formerly Known as Cooper's Corner. As long as this continues, they will reign supreme in Regina news. I suggest a straight up trade. Maybe then you'll get a story, from your right hand man, more than once every second month. You should be able to at least get a Leader-Post mouse pad for Coops.

PS: I was the heart and soul of that delivery route.

Jeff K said...

I just thought I would let you know that my favorite part of your Blogs lately are probably your wars against TSN, Rod Black, and of course...last but not least...the leaderpost. Hilarious. It is also good to hear that I am not missing anything by not reading it.

- JK

Anonymous said...

Please, don't listen to the CH guy...he is a nutter. The last thing we need here is a weekly Riders update - the occasional rant will do me just fine thank you very much. This is a place I go to get away from Rider coverage, a place where real sports reign supreme and not everyone has been a Rider fan from conception in this province (as of this years 7-3 start there are offically 1 million 'die hard fans' in this province).
Oh, and the leader post sucks...I wouldn't even let my cat puke on it. I have to watch the news and buy international papers (as the National Post is a right-wing piece of garbage and the Globe and Mail is seemingly typed up by 10,000 chimps at 10,000 computers...wow, I would love to see that).


Lastly, I would join your wartime band of journalists any day of the week...I will make punch and pie for the meeting to write up our manifesto.