Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Upon Further Review - Week 3 in the NFL

...Vince Young is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the NFL. His athletic ability is so jaw-dropping that every time he's on TV, it's a must watch. I don't care if he's got a funny throwing style. You know what else I like about him - he seems like a decent human being. TH and I were having this discussion about him on Sunday...Young does not perpetuate the "gangster" mentality that is so prevalent in young athletes today. That alone is such a breath of fresh air it makes me want to see him do well. I don't even mind that I'm going to be wrong about the Titans this year because of Young.

...I feel bad for the New Orleans Saints. Last year they brought hope to a city that needed something positive. And now this year they're almost back to being the 'Aints. On a related note, did you know that much-torched Saints cornerback Jason David is Canadian - you can look it up.
...New England is just unstoppable. The only game they might lose is November 4th at Indianapolis. Might. That game will have so many playoff implications, drama and tension it might rip the fabric of space and time. Make sure your insurance is up to date.

...Pittsburgh is actually a pretty good team. They haven't given up a 100 yard rusher since Brittney Spears was a teenage sexpot...which is to say, a long time. Speaking of Brittney, you have to see this clip from a college football game in which announcer Mike Patrick clearly lets his mind wander.

...Denver is inching towards the Do Not Bet On Until Further Notice list - I have no confidence in them right now. If you're keeping track at home the list now includes: Atlanta, Minnesota, Jacksonville, NY Giants, NY Jets, Buffalo, Oakland, Kansas City and Miami. But when two teams on the list are playing each other - all bets are off. I correctly picked the NY Jets and KC Chiefs to cover the spread at home...thank you very much (they were playing Miami and Minnesota respectively). But thanks to Denver and Seattle I was left tearing up my Point Spread ticket once again.

...Joey Harrington and Phillip Rivers are both trying to play their way off the Quarterbacks Who Are Killing Their Teams list...Rex Grossman remains firmly entrenched on the list.

...Why does Jay Cutler insist on wearing Bubby Brister's number 6?

...The downward spiral of NFL Sunday Countdown continues. Tom Jackson now sits and sulks through most of the show.

...Well, I guess that's about it for this week - I'm sure there's about a thousand things I'm forgetting.


Trebor said...

what nothing about the eagles jersey's??? I'm hoping that was one of the thousand things your forgetting but...

How about Tony K. calling the south division... For the past couple of years, you go from last to first and vice versa. It almost does work out..TB was on top then for the past few years kinda of been in the middle until last year where they were last. Now though early they are at top, thanks in part to a stepped up Def. now you have NO from top to bottom, where they may stay awhile without deuce. The season is early and when the teams are sitting at 2-1,1-2,1-2,0-3...it's still up for grabs which i think was pointed out at the beginning.

How about Oaktown in the hunt for their division with a whopping 1-2 start, luckily SD,KC are the same and Denver with a now hurt cutler are not much better.

There will be an earlier game that will have I think bigger implication...the patriots in Dallas (week 6)...here is the superbowl preview.

well time to start looking at fantasy stuff. PS for TH ...how do you sit favre, I don't even know who rivers is playing but it doesnt matter.

Anonymous said...

I sit farve cause he is playing in a dome, which historically over his career he has not played well in, and Rivers is going against kc in San Diego. I am torn...what to do what to do...although I am in a good position when I have two guys who score me 20+ each week.
I must say that I feel so sorry for Tom Jackson, he must long for the return of Young and Irvin, for two well spoken people who didn't make you want to punch the tv or...god forbid...watch fox.