Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

I'm 0-3 and starting 2 white wide receivers (not that I'm disparaging the athletic ability of white people) - I may never write about Fantasy Football again. Here are Trevor's Fantasy tips for the week...

First of all, I’ll start off with CHECK YOU ROSTERS.

This is the first bye week and you don’t want to be starting anyone from the Jags, Skins, Saints, or Titans. Chances are if you're starting any players from those teams except Reggie Bush or Clinton Portis you're probably in trouble already. Also you probably have a RB or two on your team that has an injury. Not sure what happened but the ones I’m aware of now (tues night) McCalister, Alexander, Steven Jackson, Caddillac, Fragile Fred, Larry Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Westbrook, Derrick Ward, Ahman Green. So the big ones are McCalister, Jackson, maybe Rudi and Green, the rest will probably play…but take a look at the RB situations right now.

Look at a growing trend….Caddy (who I thought would have a good game), he’s banged up this past week and lost goal line carries, Watson from Cincy also got some work, Reuben Droughns picked up goal line work from Ward. How many RB’s are on the free agent list right now with TD’s, but only have like 50 yds rushing. It doesn’t matter who your top running back is, if he ain't getting goal line carries you should look elsewhere and any injury has implications.

Lastly for those who don’t have the perfect team...there are some interesting pick-ups in most leagues…should check some out.

Now on to some apologies, to those who benched Chad Pennington in favor for Jason Campbell or Josh McCown, sorry.

But if you sat Matt Schaub, LJ, or Edge then you're welcome. In order to show you I’m not afraid to stand behind my prediction I started Josh McCown over Tony Romo. Now stupid…perhaps, but I would do the same thing all over again. At the moment I changed my QB Cooper was behind by 1 pnt with Chad Johnson, Drew Brees and Ronald Curry yet to play. Whereas I had Steve Smith and a QB (by the end of the morning games he would have been ahead outright). I thought Romo could get 200 yds, 1 TD…thinking the Bears wouldn’t allow a huge score and the (Marion) Barber would steal a TD. McCown had the chance to put up big numbers against a weak secondary… didn’t work out this week but oh well.

For my scoring I forgot to mention for a QB to get the thumbs up it means 15 points, 10 for RB’s and WR’s…the rest - who really cares.

My sleeper picks paid out this week with Harrington and Brown lighting it up. Which brings me to a point already mentioned last week I believe…

You don’t sit your studs. Frank Gore has shown he’s up at the top for RB’s and though he was against Pittsburgh, it doesn’t matter: you can’t sit him for Ronnie Brown. Ronnie did have a favorable match-up but has done nothing to show he’s a #1 or #2 back…a flex player at best. So that’s why Gore stayed in the lineup and Brown was on the bench.

This week I’ll try to do a little better. (17/25). No TE’s or Def…though GB, Dal would be good pick-ups.

Start’em (opposing teams in italics)

Favre – Minny… I would put Favre as a #1 right now it doesn’t matter who the defense is, especially with another WR coming off injury
Romo - St. Louis … Week 2 vs dolphins he was a bit shaky, but now after his performance against the Bears, he’s a top QB... behind Brady and …??
Garcia – Carolina… Did you see what Harrington did last week against the Panthers?
Eli – Philly… This guy is starting to rub off on me, may not be Peyton yet but …
Culpepper – Miami... This is assuming he starts… if you combine the stats of Josh and Daunte last week... not bad so this will be any Oak QB, I think it will be Culpepper but ??? Injuries to Donavon Darius and Zach Thomas has put this defense in a lot of hurt.

Marshawyn Lynch – NY Jets…Did you see what Ronnie Brown did to the Jets last week?
Cedric Benson - Detroit… How do you turn around a the Lions or the Browns.
Lamont Jordan – Miami… This could be the last time he goes on this list with Rhodes coming back from suspension.
Sammie Morris – Cincy… It’s getting thin but with the injuries noted above it’s hard to pick any RB… who isn’t Addai, Gore, Parker. Sammy gets here even though Macaroni (Mauroney) isn’t hurt he doesn’t get goaline work…Sammy does and with an expected many trips to the red zone.

Galloway – Carolina ... Just like last season. He goes high, low, high, low…
Dallas Clark – Denver … I haven’t looked at stats but if someone said he’s outperforming Wayne and Harrison I wouldn’t be surprised
Wes Welker – Cincy… He’s officially #2 WR and has Brady throwing to him. (note: not sure if officially he is #2 but in my books he is)
Vincent Jackson – KC… Finally Rivers started looking his way...big things to come.
Kevin Curtis - NY Giants … this is the toughest one, as Sunday night I said one game wonder. He will not have this performance again, hopefully he wont wear the jersey again… but it looks like he’s the favorite target of McNabb so that right there puts him on the start list.

Brian Griese - Detroit... Originally it was Rex Grossman here but Rexy doesn't have a job anymore - so Griese's on the list now.
Jamal Lewis – Baltimore…This is purely based on match-ups… Balt could scare owners away from Lewis but I think he may give a little bit more this week.
Lee Evans – NY Jets… not sure if this is a sleeper or not, maybe he’s not playing... I haven’t heard anything about him this year. (just checked’s #5 on the team for yrds and rec).. add that to the fact that the Bills have no TD’s in the air - this may be too big of sleeper but oh well.


Bulger- ?? It doesn’t matter…with 2 OL out and Jackson also out he’s on the bench unless your other choice are Brees or Leinart (damn them both) - he’s playing dallas by the way.

Warner I group them together cause as of right now it seems both coaches are content
McNair with a revolving quarterback ???? again it doesnt matter who they play and
Boller I’m not looking this one up.

Kevin Jones – Chicago…The Bears did give up points and yards but it wasn’t on the ground.
Edge – Pitt… He may have a permanent spot here... though it’s been a bad few match-ups.
LJ – San Diego… His spot is secure here till week 6.
DeAngelo Williams – TB… He should be close to off your team by now but in case your one of those people who listen to how he’s the better back, the system favors him not Foster yadda yadda least sit him until further notice (note: I was/am one of those people).
Jerious Norwood – Houston… See the above reasoning, however I have always been a Dunn believer.

James Jones – Minny... Had the opportunity with Jennings being hurt to be #2 but didn’t step up.
Fitz - Pitt... If you haven’t checked out the stats yet, do it…he’s still doing alright but something's amiss plus with no sure qb …

I hate wide receivers... they can be on top one week and at the bottom next. See my team of Steve Smith, Hines Ward...

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