Friday, November 30, 2007

Sights & Sounds

I really don’t have a structure for this post yet, so I am just going to throw out my random thoughts in no particular order whatsoever.

First, thank you Trevor. I must give credit where credit is due. I know there are several Trevor’s that read this blog, so I will be more specific. Thank you to the Trevor that for the last two years has been telling me to pick up The Shield on DVD because he thinks it is a great show that everyone should see (or we could just say the Trevor that spells his name correctly). And for once Trevor, you know what the hell you are talking about. When I was in Costco a while back and saw the first two seasons packaged together for $49.99, I figured what the hell, I might as well give it a shot. I just wrapped up the first season at 1:40 am Tuesday night which lead to one of my DVD hangovers the next day. I just don’t know when to call it quits sometimes. But trust me, you can’t stop watching The Shield, especially when it comes down the last two episodes. (I watched the first season and a half of The Shield in one sitting) So, what can I say about The Shield? It was nothing like what I expected. First of all, it stars the Commish. (the exact reason I couldn't talk myself into watching the show - but once I started I couldn't stop) So I didn’t have high hopes. I am a pretty big NYPD Blue fan, and I kind of figured it would be similar… a stock police drama. I was expecting the usual solving of crimes where all ends well and everything is kittens and bunnies. NOT The Shield. On the DVD packaging there is a line that reads “The road to justice is twisted”… they are not kidding. The Commish a.k.a Vic Mackey, played by Michael Chiklis, is CRAZY. Seriously, I spent the first few episodes having a moral debate on whether I wanted to root for him or against him. There is some seriously disturbing material in The Shield, but my wife put it best, any show that can make you nauseous with either what is going on, or with anticipation of what is going to happen… is a great show. The Shield is now in my top 5 all time shows… but we will wait to see how season 2 unfolds. So, pick it up if you like to watch your TV on DVD…it is a good one.

Speaking of picking things up at Costco… I just bought a Harmony remote. Logitech has created a miracle in the form of a remote control. It literally blew my mind. While there are a thousand “universal remote controls” out there… this is the ONLY truly universal remote I have ever used. It has replaced 8 of my remote controls (with another 3 planned). I won’t bore you too much with how it works, but basically, with the click of one button (such as “watch tv”) everything involved with watching TV turns on and then it changes all the inputs to the correct setting. It is amazing. I am in love with my remote, and plan on getting a holster for it so that it never leaves my side. (you know - I wish I had something funny to add here, but I've got nothing)

Now to music. Luke recommended I check out Donovan Woods as he had heard him on Radio3, and I am obligated to pass him along to all those that read this, because Donovan Woods is outstanding. Check out his myspace and the tracks He Drinks Gas and My Cousin has a Grey Cup Ring. You may have even seen a CFL montage after the Grey Cup on CBC over which they played My Cousin has a Grey Cup Ring. I tried to find it on YouTube… but wouldn’t you know it, it was nowhere to be found… along with everything else CFL. (he is one Grey's Anatomy-type break from making it big time, we need to make this happen somehow)

Speaking of football, have you seen this clip? I wish all refs would free wheel it like this.


You stay classy Rob Stone

And here are a few clips from the classic vault of YouTube.

The Free Hugs Campaign

David Blaine Parody

Spiders On Drugs

Urban Ninja

On to movies… Die Hard 4 – Live Free or Die Hard is awesome. I don’t know if there is much more to say about it. I think it is sad that Bruce Willis is the best active action movie star. Everything about this movie is ridiculous and not one bit of it is realistic, but I loved it. It is just Bruce Willis kicking some ass in the most entertaining way possible. I should mention that I didn’t want to like this movie, but I couldn’t help it. There just aren’t any good action movies anymore. If you liked the previous Die Hards, check this one out stat.

Last, I thought I should mention a bit about my experience at the Tool concert in Saskatoon on Tuesday. First, a bit of background. I am a pretty big Tool fan. I am not as big of a fan as I used to be in high school, but I am the owner of 1 Tool Bunnyhug (Hoody for any out of Saskatchewan readers) 1 Tool Toque (knit cap, for any out of Canada readers), and all in all I have probably owned 4 or 5 Tool shirts. As I was a fan of them more in high school then now, I am a fan of their earlier work… mainly the albums Undertow and Ænema. In fact, before the show started, I said “They could come out and play only Ænema and then leave the stage…and that would be worth it for me”. I won’t keep you in suspense, they did not play Ænema… or Sober (no Sober - wow, I'm glad I didn't go now)… or anything pre-Lateralus… except Stinkfist. But, I don’t want to talk a whole lot about the set list, but rather a few observations/notes from the show.

1) Where do all the people at this concert work? I can honestly say, I have no idea where these people exist during the day. They must be the night shift at every 24hr company out there. Seriously, you will only run into many of these Tool fans at a Tool concert. It was a strange crowd. (they hang out at the Cornwall Centre during the day, I can almost guarantee that)
2) Although I am married, if I were single, I would make it a rule to not date any girl who is a Tool fan. I am not saying that the ladies at the show were unattractive, because that isn’t entirely true… there is just something that doesn’t sit right with me about a girl appreciating this type of music… but that is just me. I should mention that the ratio of guys to girls was probably 50:1. (hey - just like Sheldon-Williams Collegiate, Class of '99)
3) The show started great. They rocked my socks off for about an hour…but then they proceeded to leave the stage while the worst sound I have ever heard was playing at full volume. I can’t describe the sound but it was basically feedback with a rhythm. This was the noise for the laser show intermission. Honestly, it felt like 1 hour of torture to me. I appreciate they like to play around with sounds, but it went on forever. This killed the momentum of the show.
4) After the laser show which included all kinds of flashing lights, Maynard (vocals) actually says “no flash photography please”. ? Seriously? They strobe the sanity out of us and then tell us the flashes are bothering them?
5) What is the deal with the four band members being so spread out on stage? Do they not like each other? (reminiscent of the Modest Mouse show)
6) Does Adam Jones (guitar) not like playing anymore? Or does he always stand perfectly still while playing….at least Justin Chancellor (bass) made up for it with his hard rocking style.
7) Danny Carey is the best drummer I have seen…ever. He is amazing. It is like my friend Jeff said “Did you see the third arm sprout from his chest during that solo?”
8) Maynard James Keenan is bizarre. I have never seen a show where the lead singer spent the entire show on a platform next to the drummer without even a spot light on himself. He was so hidden in the dark; it might not even have been him.
9) There were 7 screens in total showing the usual bizarre tool imagery (just checkout any of their videos). I have now seen a life times worth of creepy eyeballs.
10) Summary: The show gets a B from me. The first hour was an A+…but after the 45 minute laser show to the most awful sound my ears have ever heard, it lost a lot of steam. Also the 25 minute slow improv of 10,000 Days after the laser interlude really didn’t help. The second half was just okay.
11) I almost forgot. Would somebody please shut up this screaming girl behind us…please! The girl behind us screamed at the top of her lungs causing us permanent ear damage. I was hoping one of the lasers would hit her in the larynx.

And that is it for this week.

Jeff K.


Anonymous said...

Glad there is now another member of the Shield club. I think anyone who has watched the first full episode has gone through a marathon viewing of the entire first season immediately. I have done the show alot of favours over the years and have lent the first season out to at least 5 different groups who have fallen in love with it.

I must say though, after seeing the first five seasons, Season 2 ranks as one of the best seasons of television ever. It makes season one look amature. Don't start watching it unless you have nothing planned for the rest of the weekend.


Trebor said...

good to hear there are other trevor's out their that like the shield.. I started watching this thanks to CH and becuase of my cable box am actually a season ahead.

I've since stopped the advance watching because i watch something like when vic confronts #^$&, #*$&* (don't want to spoil a season) and I have to wait a year before anyone else sees it.

Great show easily..... top 5.

I've went over to the old tv/movie/music blog, but was never able to find anything about a new show, whether maybe it's already cancelled or renewed or what.

The show is "life" and first I must say I watch a lot of TV, both bad and good, but this is one of my new favorite shows. However with no real star power i'm worried it may be another "love monkey" show where i really get into only to have it cancelled. should i continue to watch this or find something else to watch after criminal minds......last week's episode top notch???

Jeff K said...

Life is definitely near the top of my list for new shows, if not the top. I haven't heard that it was cancelled yet, but as you suggested, I am not holding my breath. NBC is not backing this show hard enough. If it got even 14% of the promotion that Studio 60 got, I would have more confidence. I haven’t missed an episode of the show (although I am a few behind on the PVR), and started watching it on day one strictly because Damien Lewis is in it. I have a mild man-crush on Damien Lewis ever since Band of Brothers.

So, I am also going to keep my fingers crossed that this show doesn’t get axed. I figure stay with it for now, because you never know. I am hoping this show will pick up momentum by word of mouth…sort of like House did. Also, who knows what affect the writers strike may have.

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