Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Upon Further Review - Week 11 in the NFL

...Of course the week I say this has been a bad year for the NFL, there was many a good game... well at least close games. I will never buy into the theory that close game always = good game but they're not mutually exclusive either.

...Indy won on a last second field goal - and when did Adam Vinatieri turn into Jose Cortez, sheesh.

...Cleveland and the Jets both won in overtime. The Cleveland game even had a game-tying, Phil Dawson voodoo field goal.

...Oakland had a chance late (sort of), as did San Diego and San Francisco.

...And the Dallas/Washington game was very good - at least from what I saw of it, as the Western Final was on at the same time.

...Oh, and a kicker tackled Devin Hester.

...That's it for now, I need to work on the Patriot's post, which should be up later today if I don't make myself sick first.

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