Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Only Headline You Want to Read Today

...If you made it to work that is - or at least in front of a computer.

And I'd love to write a big post right now about the Roughriders winning the Grey Cup tonight but unfortunately my notebook is in my car, which is trapped on the opposite side of Albert Street from where I live. So I'll just go with what I have for now.

Good on the Roughriders for pulling out the win. I can say without any doubt that we won't be seeing that game on ESPN Classic Canada anytime soon. But a win is a win, as they say.

Most of the stuff I'm going to post isn't about the game itself - cause there wasn't a whole lot to talk about there. I'm very glad I didn't do a live blog because it would have been a very dull experience for everyone involved. It was mostly because I decided to run 10 kms earlier in the day and could barely tell you what my name was by the time the game rolled around.

The post to come later will deal with such hot topics as:

- Ryan Dinwiddie's souless eyes
- why I'm not allowed to watch a CFL game again
- why Troy Westwood is allowed to wear a raptor claw around his neck
- how in HD it appeared that Kent Austin was suffering from a nasty case of Pink Eye
- "I challenge your challenge!"
- the transient that asked me what time the game was and then proceeded to rummage through my building's dumpster
- Elliotte Friedman apparently comparing Barrin Simpson to Buckwheat - which ranks as the highlight for me
- the lack of carnage on the Green Mile, at least when I was there
- why CFL referee's can determine if a play results in a first down from a video challenge without re-measuring
- the general milling around on the field during Lenny Kravitz
- why the Barenaked Ladies looked like they had just come from painting a fence
- me perfectly predicting the final, game-clinching interception

And I think that might be it - there might be more but I'll have to consult my notes tomorrow. And remember, rehydration is the key.


Anonymous said...

Hey SAL aka(Sports As Life),you forgot to mention your favourite "Shutdown" corner, JJ and how his stock has risen exponentially in your estimation. Oops, did he get beat for Winnepeg's only major?
C'mon say MVP,you know you want to...


Anonymous said...

I am as happy as the next Rider fan about a big Grey Cup win. However.....WTF they were so lucky to manage to win that game. Great defenceive plays aside. The rest of the team was terrible. I wouldn't blame winnipeg's quaterback for the loss. However if Glen was healthy the Riders don't win last night.


trebor said...

good result....and no futher comment on the game.

half that stuff your post is going to cover brings back memories of texting another reader (TH). I think one message was actually "I challenge that challenge."

I think a live blog would have worked out, I've watched games with you before the and the talk seems to be mostly about things other than the game...possible thoughts.....Is hester running back another kick yet..... how's that arizona/SF OT going.... What philly is beating the PATS.

the thing that got me was the halftime show... the general lack of interest... they showed the bomber cheerleaders and a couple were dancing along but most seemed to be talking baout their nails or hair or whatever girls talk aboot.

Then the commentators after it's all said and done... wow that was suprising, I didn't think he would sing american women. Really...did i miss something in the week prior where i was trying to ignore all grey cup talk? or was it suprising cuase ... ??cant think of a reason. But if you asked me to name 3 of his songs and 1 couldn't be american women I'd be doing a google search.

Luke said...

I still love the idea of doing a live blog in theory but it never seems to capture what it's actually like watching a game with the Sports As Life Crew. Plus it's also a lot of work and takes away from actually watching the game.