Friday, November 9, 2007

The Links

I think I've got enough clips to put together into a Links column today.

...I wanted to put up the beginning of the Conan O'Brien Jub-Jub Saga. But it looks like the clip has been taken down from You Tube. The short version is that Conan agreed to donate $1000 to the charity of Joe Buck's choice if Buck would say Jub Jub during the World Series.

...And here's what happened.

...Ok, here's Conan's follow-up to the World Series Jub Jub - and it actually explains the whole thing.

...And now here's the first part of the new Jub Jub challenge that Conan put out to Charles Barkley.

...Here's part two of the Barkley interview - this actually contains the Jub Jub portion.

And now a couple non-Jub Jub clips for you...

...Here's the 15 laterals play from a couple weeks ago that you might have seen - I still can't believe that nobody could make one tackle or knock the ball down.

...And the CFL on PTI - who knew?

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