Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Predict A Riot - Week 12 in The NFL

I'm phoning in the NFL picks this week cause quite frankly I don't feel like writing 1,500 words today - whaddya want, it's a free site.

And I do realize that I neglected to pick the Thanksgiving games - but I'm taking 3 wins, do you really think I wouldn't have taken Green Bay, Dallas and Indy? After going 14-2 last week I think I can bend the rules a little bit.

The rest of the winners are:

Kansas City
Tampa Bay
New Orleans
NY Giants
San Diego
New England

Ok, that's it. Next week the NFL picks are going to move to Thursday's - as there are Thursday and Saturday games the rest of the season.

Also, I don't think anybody reads on the weekend but if you're around a computer tomorrow, I'm going to try and live-blog the Grey Cup game. If I can't live-blog I'm going to write a live recap and post it on Monday.

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Trebor said...

I'll be around and by the computer and as the sunday night game in the nfl is NE, I may actually watch the entire grey cup.