Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Predict A Riot - Week 10 in The NFL

Actually before I get to the NFL picks this week, I guess I should do the big game this week.

Saskatchewan vs. Calgary
When the week started I thought this would be a very, very close game. I thought there would be one or two key plays that decided the whole game. And I figured that Calgary had a good chance of coming out on top. But that was before Calgary decided to totally self-destruct just days before the game. It's come out that Tom Higgins is apparently a lame-duck coach, who is out after the season regardless if the Stampeders win or lose. Regardless of whether this is true or not - how oh how could Calgary possibly let a story like this come out days before a playoff game (Calgary ownership/management has denied it). It seems like either a deliberate attempt to torpedo the team or an attempt to get the team to rally around the coach. For some reason I just don't see that rallying cry strategy working here.

Also veteran linebacker Brian Clark won't be playing because of "ratio reasons" from what I read in the Calgary Herald. Apparently there are whispers that this has caused some sort of divide in the Calgary locker room.

When you add it up it looks like big trouble for Calgary. I think this one gets away from them early - even though Wes "Brandenburg" Cates is not going to be playing for Saskatchewan. The Roughriders live and die by Kerry Joseph - as he goes so goes the team. Which might be terrifying, depending on your thought processes.

Initially I wasn't going to pick a winner in this game, only say that it was going to be close. But not picking a winner is actually not all that interesting, so here it is:

Saskatchewan 35 - Calgary 21 - I absolutely think that Calgary is going to melt down.

Ok, on to the NFL. I was 11-3 last week and, as I said in the last post, I don't want to spend hours in front of the computer today - so the NFL picks are going to be quick-hitters.

Here are the Week 10 picks:

Green Bay
Kansas City
New Orleans
Atlanta (they have to win this game don't they? Carolina doesn't have a quarterback - not even Vinny)

Ok, that's it - oh, as much as I hate to do it... Manitoba 21 - Regina 13

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