Friday, November 9, 2007

Artist of the Week

This weeks Artist is Lukas Rossi. If you've never heard of him, he was the winner of the Rockstar Supernova reality TV show - and if you can get past that, he's actually a very talented guy. I've always thought his look is a little contrived but he's got an unbelievable voice and he's a great songwriter.

If you've ever got a chance to see him live - you must do it. I had the opportunity to see him do an acoustic show at The Pump last night and it was pretty fantastic. He definitely has the biggest voice I've ever heard.

And let me tell you this - women apparently love this guy. They were falling all over themselves last night like he was a Backstreet Boy - only there was vast amounts of alcohol involved. It was quite the spectacle. There was so much estrogen in the room last night that I'm pretty sure I got pregnant... I wonder how Mrs. Sports As Life is going to feel about that.

Anyway, you can check out his music at:

His recorded music does not really do justice to what he can do live.

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