Friday, November 23, 2007

NHL Headshot of the Week (To the Ankle)

"For the sake of the game, they oughta throw him in San Quentin.He is a criminal element! The worst goon in hockey today.Oh, yeah. Real cement-head." - player/coach Reg Dunlop
This little incident happened last Friday, so we're still technically within a week. This week's "Headshot" of the Week is Mattias Ohlund breaking Mikko Koivu's leg with a slash. Here it is if you haven't seen it. Ohlund got a four game suspension - and it should have been 40. Using the stick as a weapon is far more serious than head-hunting. And yes I know Koivu elbowed Ohlund but that was the weakest elbow I've ever seen - clearly the only response was a savage golf-swing slash. Originally I was going to write - Do you think Valery Kharlamov felt a little twinge in his ankle and bent down to rub it when he saw that clip - until I realized he died in a car accident in 1981. Thank you Wikipedia.

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