Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday Headlines (on Tuesday)

File This One Under "Because I Feel Obligated"
I mean really, what can I say about the Saskatchewan/Calgary game that hasn't already been said? The Roughriders played a strong game, by no means flawless - but it was enough to beat a hapless Calgary team. The problem of not being able to put the ball into the endzone did not bite them against Calgary but it will against B.C if the Roughriders cannot get that figured out. Let's be honest - that game should have been 20-0 within about the first 5 minutes. The lack of a healthy running back might be a problem - Wes Cates is hobbled, Josh Ranek is concussed and Corey Holmes has a bad wing. I'm hoping for a lot of Henri "Jackie" Childs in B.C - only because I can then make that joke 182 times during the game. Although it's no replacement for my Kenton Keith assaults the secondary joke... I miss him. I might actually write more in-depth about the game later in the day.

That Other Regina Team That You Didn't Hear About This Weekend
Yes - the Regina Rams. They did not fare as well this weekend as their professional counterparts. I suspect only having 36 rushing yards and 168 passing yards had something to do with that. Oh and 12 first downs. And 3 interceptions. The final was 48-5 for Manitoba.

Sean Avery Outta Be Euthanized For the Good of the Human Race
And I'm only half kidding about that. If the rumours are true... and knowing Avery's history... they probably are and Avery was indeed mocking Toronto's Jason Blake before Saturday night's game because he has cancer - then there is not enough ill in the world that could befall Avery. I understand that in sports you try to get in your opponents' head and get the upperhand however you can - but surely some things are out of bounds. If this is considered acceptable behaviour I might have to tender my resignation as a hockey fan - at least until, like Wade Belak says, someone "kills" Avery. I thought Jordin Tootoo was currently the biggest disgrace on skates but this vaults Avery to the top. If the rumours are true of course...

Now With 15% Less Dogfighting on 2-Game Winning Streak
I don't really have anything else to add this morning - so I'd thought I'd gloat that my Fantasy Football team was won 2 games in a row - bringing my record for the season to 2-8. Outstanding, so much for 0-14. And not only that but this weeks' win was over Sports As Life's own College Football "expert" Cooper. This coming one week after Cooper put his entire team on the trading block due to gross incompetence, right across the board. I'd like to thank the San Diego defence for their 6 interceptions and 2 special teams touchdowns - your efforts were greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

entire team on the trading block ??? has anyone taken him up on his offer maybe not for the team but for a player or 2.

Luke said...

Well since his team includes the likes of Mike Furrey, Laurence Maroney and the Lions D/ST...no, nobody has taken him up on that offer. He actually offered me Roy Williams and Todd Heap for Wes Welker... and I turned it down. At the beginning of the season who would have thought that would have been a bad deal for me.

Also, I'm a 25 point underdog this week.