Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday Headli..... Ahhh, Nevermind

I know it's been a couple of days - whaddya want, it's a free site.

And I must admit, I've still got nothing to say. To make matters worse the rest of the staff are away. Cooper's been on assignment in Winnipeg, Jeff K is on assignment in Delaware and Trebor is on assignment in Calgary. Luckily, they should all be filing their reports anytime now.

Wait... what?

Ok, I'm told they are not away on official Sports As Life business - they're doing actual important, real life things. And as such you're stuck with me - maybe one of these days I'll actually come up with something to write about.

So, how 'bout that local sports team?


Anonymous said...

How about those Patriots? I didn't doubt them for a second. Can't wait to see how much they run up the score next week, now that they're angry after two sub par weeks. Your personal issues aside, you have to admit that Brady was pretty funny in the press room afterwards.


trebor said...

i missed post game but...damm i thought balt had the win.

other things i noticed this past week.... the refs in the cleveland/arizona game..... horrible. Even with video replay...still horrible. there was one INT that they upheld when it seemed to hit the ground, there was the hit on braylon..apparently his leg just kicks out like that on a regular basis without any contact....then the last call... you cant replay a pushout but seemed like cleveland was robbed on that one.

maybe it's a bad sign when your on wikipedia searching for team histories when the games are on but there was some cool stuff on there..like the riders orignal colors ...balck and red... or that the suprbowl shuffle is one of the greatest team videos ever..... wish ditka was in their though.

Also watched another sporting even this week and thinking maybe some updates on that would be cool... I watched a so called soccer team "the hooligans" get crushed by "the pumpkins", oops i mean "rangers". Was suprised to see that only half the pitch is used and made me want to strap on the cleats and try that turf out.

Luke said...

Almost makes me wish I'd watched the second half of that Pats/Ravens game.

I've always enjoyed the fact that the Roughriders are green and white because those were the cheapest jerseys they could find.

It's Soccer Texas Rangers pal, not Pumpkins. And now that we've actually won a game, nay, dominated a game, maybe I'll actually start talking about the team. And maybe some photos too.