Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Footba... Hockey!

Hey - so they're still playing hockey eh? Who would have guessed.

The NHL season is about 30% finished and I still haven't watch one full game yet. I'm not sure what that says but I'm sure it says something. I used to love watching hockey - it was the sport I first loved as a kid. Now I've got better ways to spend 3 hours... ok, I don't - but I just don't want to spend those 3 hours watching hockey.

I'd love to say that after the All-Star Game I'll get into it. But then I'm worried I'll say as soon as the playoffs start I'll pay attention. And then the next thing you know it'll be June and I'll be complaining that there's still hockey on TV.

So I'm making an effort starting now. Although stories about the Leaf's massive 3-game winning streak and Wade Belak's first goal since the Trudeau administration are really not making this any easier.

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Jeff K said...

All I can say is that ESPN rocks my socks. My evenings in Delaware are spent trying to eat the giant meal portions and watching college basketball. I love it. My last trip here lead to my following of college football....and although I have always been a HUGE March Madness fan....I think I will start following NCAA basketball earlier.

...and by the way, hell ya for Hawaii making it to the Sugar Bowl. I think they should be playing Ohio St. instead of LSU...but what the hell. Also, that Hawaii/Washington St. game was one of the worst reffed games ever. Everything worked out because of video reviews, but every challenge was upheld...the refs didn't get one call right the first time around. When are they going to just get rid of the refs and make everyone wear sensors by which they can track their every move. If you go out of bounds, you trip a sensor. When you cross the line of scrimmage, you trip a sensor. When you do anything, you trip a sensor.