Friday, December 21, 2007

Sights & Sounds

We're foregoing the headshot today, as Chris Simon has got that one all locked up for the week. It wasn't a headshot but it was a savage act of goonery. So we're putting up a special holiday Sights & Sounds and then the Sports As Life World Headquarters are going to be closed for a week or so. Happy Holidays from everyone at Sports As Life!

Sight & Sounds – Special Christmas Edition

I wasn’t planning on writing anything until the New Year, but then I came across a video which has left me asking myself, “Why are the Killers trying to ruin my Christmas?” For one reason or another, this year I have had a tough time really getting into the spirit of Christmas. I have yet to see the Grinch Who Stole Christmas or Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer on TV, my wife and I have been too busy to decorate the house, and there just hasn’t been much Christmassy stuff in my world lately. But then, just as I am starting to get into things, the Killers come along and stomp on my Christmas spirit. Take a few minutes to watch the video for The Killers new Christmas song. Wow….right? I should probably now apologize for ruining your Christmas by having asked you to watch this video.

Seriously… what the hell were the Killers thinking? Do they have something against Christmas? Did Brandon Flowers not get any presents when he was a kid? Did he have a bad experience with a mall Santa? This is just awful. First, let’s ignore how creepy the actual song is and go straight to the imagery put forward in this video. Did I actually see a reindeer skull? Did I see a beetle crawling in the desert? Did I see the creepiest puppet show of all time? Is this bearded freak show actually wielding an axe with the intention of killing Brandon? Is he digging a grave while dancing? What is with Brandon’s completely expressionless face? Can you also see the hate for Christmas in his eyes?

Then there is the song itself. Before I start in with the negative, I will give this song one, and only one, compliment. The chorus is catchy. The words are terrible… but the melody is great. If this wasn’t a Christmas song, I may even like it… but, it is a Christmas song. There is not one recognizable Christmas song characteristic in this song. The lyrics are terrible and in no way represent the spirit of Christmas. The vocals by Santa will only succeed in scaring the bejesus out of anyone under the age of 11 (and in my case 27). Aren’t Christmas songs supposed to contain G rated material? Terrible, that is all you can say.

So, to get me back in the Christmas spirit…here is what I had to watch. Nothing says Christmas like cleavage and legs. Thanks Mariah!

Have a happy holiday season to all! Sights & Sounds will be back in the New Year.

Jeff K.

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Luke said...

After watching that, I think Santa is going to get a glass of strychnine this year instead of the usual milk.

Also, I think Brandon Flowers is a Mormon - that might explain his hate for Christmas. They don't celebrate Christmas, do they? Can't say that I blame them - too many wives to buy for.