Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

This will probably end up being the final Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby of the season - so thanks to Trebor for guiding everyone through the muck and mire that is Fantasy Football.

And here come the pretzels...

Well I haven’t checked out to see if long time reader CH won his game this week. I really don’t think I have to, I’m 99.9% sure that he lost for much of the same reason I lost in another league... studs not showing up.

Today with a few spare moments I wrote down the top positions. Qb - Brady, Romo, Favre, don’t know who would be 4th ??. WR – Moss, Owens, Housh (leads league in receptions and 4th in TD’s…who knew), Wayne (might be a stretch but only healthy WR on Indy so he’s a top guy). Then RB – LT, Peterson, Addai, Westbrook.

Of that list only 1 of the QB’s had positive points (Favre). Only… well, 0 of the receivers got a TD, which is the big thing - sure they got a few points for yards but so what. The RB’s... well some did a lot better.

So CH I know has Brady, Addai and Wayne… maybe 10 points combined from players who usually get between 30-40… so yeah I’m sure he lost.

In my keeper league I had: Romo, Housh, Wayne, Addai. Now usually I get between 120-130 points this week 63. It’s almost funny, none of my players performed. Willis, Witherspoon, Morrison all usually get 6-8 tackles this week 3, 4. Just bad all around.

What to take from it. An element of football that up to this point had been absent… the weather. Up until now sure there’s been the mud bowl and some rain here or there but this week we got snow and we got wind, we got smarts and we got Jessica (more on those later).

Before this you started your studs no matter what. What you were looking at was probably the match-up... Minny run def is top notch maybe I’ll sit my RB, Cincy has a def?? Who knew… I’ll still start whoever against them. Really what else was there to consider?

I got blindsided by the weather, mostly because I was out snowboarding and didn’t bother to check up on that stuff. If I had, I would have sat Tatupu in favor of Digorgio (MLB Buffalo). Why? Because I knew the Browns would have to run most of the day... oh well.

So this week Brady handed the ball off because of the wind, Cleveland players not named Lewis did nothing because of wind and snow. Could you really bench Brady or Moss that would take some serious gonads (funny word), or how about starting Cleveland’s defense... shudder. The weather - the last piece of the puzzle. Next year you’ll have it cased and be prepared..

Maybe not…

This is my third year in Fantasy and I found out something new - who a player is rumored to be dating effects his game. Almost makes sense right??

I somehow managed to watch the Dallas game while doing some house work so didn’t hear the comments but I noticed the camera go up to a hot blonde wearing a pink jersey… All I said was ‘damn that’s a fine piece of…’ and then the second or third time … ‘Is that Jessica Simpson?' I know she’s hot but there’s got to be lots of hot girls there, if the game is really that boring spice it up a bit throw in a brunette or red head, I’ve been to Dallas - there should be lots to choose from.

It wasn’t until today that I realized that Jessica Simpson is one more poor Romo outing away from being (for lack of a better word)… Lynched. There’s blogs up already (Ed. Note: With Leather isn't a blog dedicated to lynching Simpson - it was just the first blog to come up when I Googled "kill Jessica Simpson". If you've never heard the You're with me Leather story - you must check it out), people are trying to make it so she can't come back to Texas Stadium… it’s really something.

I know if I was tossing the ball around in the backyard and she came out wearing that or well anything, yeah I would look over and I may even stare. But do you see a player being distracted by her being in a booth a hundred meters away while you have 300 lb guys chasing you??? Is she that hot?? I don’t have the answer to that last one, or wont answer for fear of the g/f reading…

Or maybe the thinking is it’s not the hotness that is the problem, but the well… hmm how to put it nicely… her being intellectually challenged???? Maybe people think that it’s rubbing of on Romo causing him to throw errant passes.

So next year, I will make sure I check out the Enquirer or whatever gossip magazines are out when I’m in the check-out line and maybe then I’ll get this Fantasy thing figured out.

Maybe not…

Have you ever seen such a terrible, disrespectful, selfish play as what Westbrook did at the end of the Dallas game. I know one guy who has a new dent in his wall, only because he missed the TV. Really I didn’t think there was a player out there that would not run into the endzone. Maybe the Sports As Life braintrust can give another example. A couple of weeks ago against the Redskins he could have done the same thing but he elected to run it in, to the delight of all his Fantasy owners.

Why oh why would you do such a thing?? Owners thinking they outsmarted the weather and they were the greatest fantasy players out there when they saw the wide open space. You crushed them Brian, you crushed them. Maybe some will not return to the Fantasy leagues because they can’t escape the nightmares, or their wives' wrath over a dent in the wall. All because you had to go and do the right thing…for shame… for shame!

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Luke said...

I love the Westbrook play - just because it illustrates everything ridiculous about Fantasy Football. He did the right thing to ensure his team won - yet he's just getting killed in certain cirlces.

Also, I blame Carrie Underwood for the Romo/Simpson unholy union. If she hadn't broken his heart, he wouldn't have rebounded right into Simpson's pink jersey-wearing arms.

At least he's still leading the league in smiles.