Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Am a Nameless Post King

Not thea.

If you’re a fan of Slavic gypsy pseudo-punk (and stop kidding yourself, you are) Gogol Bordello is the band for you. Yes this song is in the commercial for what I’m sure is a terrible video game – but I tell you this, I would pay some serious rubels to see this band live.

Tennessee 47 @ Detroit 10 – Predictable – especially when you predict it the day after the game as been played.

Seattle 9 @ Dallas 34 – Just as predictable, but with more star power.

Arizona 20 @ Philadelphia 48 – Less predictable, but with even more talent – if not star power.

San Francisco 10 @ Buffalo 3 – Thankfully Mike Singletary managed to keep his pants on all afternoon – at least as far as I know.

Baltimore 34 @ Cincinnati 3 – You know who is the worst person in the world? (Is that a Keith Olbermann bit? I think it might be, but I don’t know for sure – I can’t stand that guy) The guy at the gym who doesn’t wipe down the machine after he uses it – don’t think I didn’t see you Goatee and Glasses Man or you, creepy guy on the bike next to me.

Indianapolis 10 @ Cleveland 6 – Cleveland is now down to Ken Dorsey at quarterback, eh? To me Ken Dorsey sounds like a late-night news anchor:

Good Evening, I’m Ken Dorsey.

First tonight, a La Hoya man clings to life at a university hospital after being viciously attacked by a pack of wild dogs in an abandoned pool.

New Orleans 20 @ Tampa Bay 23 – We’re through New Orleans. The restraining order will be in the mail this week.

NY Giants 23 @ Washington 7 – Plaxico Burress became so frustrated with his injured hamstring that he attempted to remove it by shooting it off of his body. Results were predictable, hilarious.

Miami 16 @ St. Louis 12 – You know what two of my three favorite words are? Ruse and gambit – and I just happened to read them both today. The third of my top three, you ask? Thorax.

Carolina 35 @ Green Bay 31 – I guess having a good pass defence doesn’t mean much when you give up 5 rushing touchdowns.

Atlanta 22 @ San Diego 16 – If Kansas City does keep winning, the only upside would be if they finish ahead of San Diego. This is the same team, minus Shawne Merriman and Michael Turner, that went to the AFC Championship last year, right?

Denver 34 @ NY Jets 17 – Could someone explain to me why a fumble recovery isn’t a challengeable play? It was pretty clear to me that Cotchery had the ball on the ground until a Denver player hydroplaned into him and it squirted out. I have no love for the Jets, but that was brutal.

Pittsburgh 33 @ New England 10 – Man, sometimes there is a reason to get out of bed in the morning…

Kansas City 20 @ Oakland 13 – Even in victory Herm Edwards is finding ways to screw this team, now by making the team just competitive enough to keep his job all while ruining their draft position. 2-14 is not better than 1-15 in this case, it’s worse. And Oakland – a fake field goal that makes Sebastian Janikowski run? Seriously?

Chicago 14 @ Minnesota 34 – I’m almost 100% certain that John Madden said that Pat Williams said that he would only let his daughters date if a boy brought Pat $50,000… Now, I don’t want to use the P word but that’s toeing the line a little bit I think.

Jacksonville 17 @ Houston 30 – Brutal. But here’s something to make you laugh and brighten your spirits. From the Boston Herald:

Rosie O’Donnell has had her variety show canceled because of bad reviews and even worse ratings, TV’s Extra reports. Only 5 million people tuned into O’Donnell’s variety show, “Rosie Live,” on NBC last Wednesday night, prompting the comedian, 46, to pull the plug. “There will b no more,” Rosie blogged on her Web site. “No ratings . . . bad reviews.” O’Donnell also blogged that even though the show tanked, she had fun while it lasted. “Yet still - a thrill 4 me.”
Nice spelling Rosie, is it really so hard to type that e in be? Also, I think it’s staggering that even 5 million people watched that.


Trebor said...

more on the jets game... again was it televised ? the jets found a way to move the ball, dump pass to leon they did it 3-4 times in a row, but then after that drive siad here brett throw down the field. anyway the point was when they were doing those plays each time they wanted to do the hurry up but a denver player endedup hurt i'm gonna say 4 plays in a row. i was just reading up on some stuff and this is what I came accross in the recap of the game.

~~The fans booed, apparently thinking Denver was purposely trying to stop New York’s momentum.

“We took it personal,” Marshall said. “If not for the fans, the outcome might have been different. We thank the Jets fans for booing when our guys were down.”~~

I thought it was in bad taste to boo, but near the end I was booing too. Not to fit in but because it was cold and I wanted the game to end sometime before my flight out monday.

and another thing I came accross that addresses 2 teams beloved by some sportaslife members.

~ since Oct. 21, 2007, the Chiefs have won more games in Oakland than they have in K.C. ~

Napoleon in Rags said...

I actually did read that today about Kansas City - although to be fair, when you're only talking 3 wins total in just over a calendar year (2 in Oakland, 1 in Kansas City)...

/begins sobbing uncontrolably

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Mr.sportsaslife editor.