Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Well I was going to do the re-draft thing this week, as when I got back to Canada I found out that the election 2 months ago didn’t matter. So then it was going to be a whole new draft starting today and who to take. However, I brought back the New York flu and energy has been drained so something simple.

Most leagues should be in playoffs by now, in my espn league I’m in week 3. So the team has got you to the big show or let you down, either way unless there’s huge injuries your team is finalized and you got who you got.

Because of time I’m going old school, no pics


Clinton Portis – What was it like 5 - 6 weeks ago people were saying if you redrafted portis would be the #1 back or top 2 at least. He didn’t fool me and though there wasn’t any redraft I can say told you so. He’s always had injuries but he made it through the first half, imagine if you would have traded him away for a #2 rb and top wr…the possibilities. He’s hurt and playing against one of the best run defenses. I don’t see him getting much running room or playing time - SIT

Ronnie Brown – before I left one reader asked about Ronnie to which I said he’s a time share running back now. Since then nothing has changed and going into Buffalo the weather will be terrible, wait is this the week they play in Toronto. I was going to go with a low scoring game but indoor on turf…I’d still sit Ronnie he’s a #3 rb this week - SIT

Chester Taylor - Yes Adrian is the starter and will get 100+ and 1-2 Td’s, however the Lions stink. I believe in the past 4 games in 3 of those games the opposing teams #1 and #2 backs both got 100+ yds. Also Chester has been doing great the past few weeks, has a nose for the endzone even with his limited touches – START

Peyton Hillis - It used to be that any Denver rb would be a top back because of their offensive scheme and blocking. Then Portis left what 4 years ago and since then Denver hasn’t had a #1 back, Shanahan has screwed with fantasy owners by having 2-3 rb’s and rotating who gets the carries. Well because of 4 injuries Hillis is the last guy, no time share and he’s doing what you expect of a Bronco rb. He ran over the Jets last week and this week is KC. – START


Romo – Almost every football site you see something saying about Romo this week because he’s playing Pittsburgh. If he’s on your team you drafted him to be your guy, you likely don’t have Jay Cutler as a back-up so don’t go and pick up a guy on waivers. JP Losman did fine against the fins last time and he could lite it up again but his ceiling is like 200 yds and 2-3 Td’s. Romo yes, has a bad match-up but his ceiling is so much higher it’s worth the risk. START

Thigpen – Denver as of late has played better on defense lately but Thigpen isn’t that bad of a qb and he should be able to find some holes. He’d be a qood guy to have if your starter has a bad matchup this week. START

Cassell – I went away and this guy is putting up 400 yrd games. Good thing I had him sitting on the bench for Kyle Orton. Last week not good but that was more of the defense I believe. This week it’s Seattle and he may not get back to 400 yrds but he’ll put up some numbers. START

Garrard – This guy is having an awful year. He was one of my targeted qb’s going in to draft week and luckily he was always taken before I wanted to take a qb. This week he’s playing against Chicago and don’t expect much. The only receiver is Matt Jones - still not suspended. SIT

Peyton – What to do with this guy? You're starting him of course but last week against the Browns he didn’t do anything, who’s to say this week will be better? One thing though I like his new commercial. “You're going down Manning ”– “Yep 4th floor gonna get me one of the massages.”

Eli – Well talked about one manning, might as well mention the other. He’s been playing good as of late even without Sherrif Plaxico in their. I think the pass rush of Philly gets to Manning and without a legit deep threat the Giants offense will struggle. SIT


Laveraneus Coles – Favre and the offense should play better. SF has a decent run defense so it will be done in the air. I’m hoping it’s not Cotchery so then it’s gotta be Coles. START

Hines Ward - Adam Jones is back for Dallas and Ward hasn’t been that great so I’m sitting, not only Ward but Santonio to, if Pittsburgh gets yards it’s going to be on the ground. – SIT

Calvin Johnson - Minny gets to roll through Detorit this week. I don’t really understand the whole restraining order but the Williams' get to stay and that doesn’t bode well for Detroit. You gotta believe Calvin will be double teamed and though he wont get shut out he shouldn’t put up big numbers. SIT

Marvin Harrison - He’s got all of his TD’s at home so if your going to start him it has to be when they play in Indy. Also going against Cincy you gotta believe everyone on offense has a great chance of getting a TD this week. START

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Anonymous said...

Well despite going against your Do Not Starts for running backs it looks like i'm going to squeak into the playoffs. Both were good calls on your part, but i got lucky with other aspects of the team, plus 3.5 points out of Portis still beats an opposing running back who didn't play.

See you in the finals.