Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sports As Life Christmas List

Good news for you sad, last-minute shoppers out there (raises hand) - TH stops by this afternoon to give you some much needed Christmas gift ideas for the sports lover on your list. And there was much rejoicing.

Well it is that time of year again, a time that inspires fear and terror and an overwhelming sense of hopeless… no, I’m not talking about my fantasy team – although I probably should be. No, I’m talking about Christmas shopping – all the pushing, shoving, swearing and eventual crying and the stealing of the who-pudding and who-roast. That is why I love this time of year.

So, if you are looking for that perfect gift for the sports-lover in your life here are a few of Sports As Life’s favourites.

For the football lover in your family how about this classic?

Didn’t everyone always want one of these growing up? They look kinda useless and you probably wouldn’t want to pick up the phone or make any outgoing calls on them…but they…well…ummm…they look like a football, what else can I say?

This is also the season that people tend to overindulge with snack foods and the like, well if you have one of those in your family that also loves sports they might love this.

A perfect festive combination. Who wouldn’t be proud to use the snack helmet as a centrepiece for all kind of social functions? Could it be the perfect Christmas gift? Well, no, because the KC logo has a high risk of causing people to choke (like they did against San Diego…bam!) (Ed. Note - also causing self-inflicted wounds) when you tell them that yes in-fact you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Oh, and yes, I know that the Raiders lost, but they got blown out and were never really in it. KC should have won…Merry Christmas Mr. Editor. (Ed. Note - *cocks hammer*)

People still like hockey… don’t they? Didn’t Sports As Life use to have an NHL department? It was as successful as a southern United States hockey team. Ah, the tough economic times must be the reason that nothing has come out of that department since…? But I digress. For the hockey fan in your life how about this classic?

What little Canadian child didn’t want one of these growing up? You could spend hours playing with them – lets face it they are more exciting than real NHL games - then someone would break it and it would end up in the attic or garage and never get used again and just be a place that would house mice and other vermin for the winter…ah the memories. Either that or you could put all your Star Wars figurines on a table tennis court and spend hours down in the basement trying to knock them over…sad, real sad.

But if hockey isn’t their choice of sport then what about…race car driving? If you know someone like this then how about this all-time favourite?

Because who doesn’t like drinking beer and watching cars go around in a circle? Perfect for all the race fans and people with less than a grade 9 education in your family.

Then there is my favourite sport…one that Sports As Life loves to cover, almost as much as NASCAR. Yes, that’s right…BASKETBALL!!! And what basketball lover wouldn’t want one of these beauties hanging on their tree or taking up useful space on their coffee table?

But lets face it, Sports As Life is a football site, so one last fantastic football themed gift for that special someone in you life.

I was never really sure how this worked, although they have leagues surrounding electric football these days. Maybe we could put the NCAA reporter on this up-and-coming sport when the college football season ends and he wonders what he is going to do with himself until draft day. Or that lazy-lazy NHL reporter that just stands around the coffee machine all day talking about the Flames…so lazy.

Lastly, for that sophisticated sports fan in your life, what about this classy fragrance?

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to smell like a burger 24/7…

Well I hope that this helps all you last minute shoppers out there. Have yourselves a Happy Holidays.


Napoleon in Rags said...


What is this, amateur hour?

/says the guy who could have easily edited in Roastbeast, but didn't for the sake of a snarky comment

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love the KC helmet junk food dispenser. It would be the perfect gift for someone with a KC Chiefs vanity plate displayed with pride on their vehicle.