Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don’t You Wanna Know Why The Post Remains Nameless?

New Orleans 24 @ Chicago 27 – With Reggie Bush done for the year and Vince Young holding a clipboard, how good does that Mario Williams pick look now? I still find it hard to believe how all this has played out.

Tampa Bay 10 @ Atlanta 13 – Thank you Atlanta, I will now release the hostages.

San Francisco 9 @ Miami 14 – Saw this on Deadspin yesterday and I thought I would pass it on. It’s not hilarious, but it’s better than anything I was going to come up with.

Seattle 23 @ St. Louis 20 – Kath and Kim is the worst show in the history of TV – it’s like The Hills for stupid people (note: I’ve never actually seen The Hills, but I think you have to be pretty stupid to watch it). If Kath and Kim is actually faithful to the incredibly popular Australian version, it confirms what I’ve always suspected – Australians are idiots.

Buffalo 27 @ NY Jets 31 – Know how I know you’re a terrible football player? You’re name’s J.P Losman.

San Diego 22 @ Kansas City 21 – You know, I feel like I should be surprised the Chiefs blew an 11 point lead with 2 minutes to go… but I’m not, at all. Since nobody in their right mind would put this abomination on network television, I was following along on and I saw the Chargers where driving with about 2 minutes to go. I thought to myself, “The Chiefs are going to blow this.” And sure enough. But I’m not mad, not at all – because…

That’s right, the man “affectionately” known as King Carl – Carl Peterson – is out after 20 years of being the Chiefs’ President, CEO and GM. And I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long time.

Washington 13 @ Cincinnati 20 – So he was being sarcastic, gotcha.

Tennessee 12 @ Houston 13 – Where did Houston come from all of a sudden. I guess when you don’t have to worry about Hurricane Rosenfels playing quarterback for you, things start to turn around.

Green Bay 16 @ Jacksonville 20 – Did you realize Green Bay is 5-9? That happened quickly and quietly.

Detroit 21 @ Indianapolis 31 – Only New Orleans and Green Bay stand between Detroit and their historic march towards futility. Maybe they’ll win both, giving Kansas City a shot at the #1 overall pick – oh, who are we kidding?

Minnesota 35 @ Arizona 14 – So, that happened.

Pittsburgh 13 @ Baltimore 9 – I honestly can’t believe they called it a touchdown. I think it was a touchdown, but from the replay I saw the conclusive evidence wasn’t exactly conclusive. But how does a referee not know how to describe why it was a touchdown? Two feet down in the endzone with control of the ball isn’t a touchdown IF THE BALL ISN”T IN THE ENDZONE TOO!

Denver 10 @ Carolina 30 – Citing a decline in production from the company that manufactures the product that turns Ben Mulroney’s skin orange, CTV has decided to put a hold on Canadian Idol. Christmas came exactly one week early this year. Five years ago, what kind of odds would you have gotten on Brian Mulroney eventually not being the biggest embarrassment in that family?

New England 49 @ Oakland 26 – Am I the only one who thinks giving up 26 points to the Raiders isn’t the sign of a great team? Probably just me. And I’m horribly, horribly biased.

NY Giants 8 @ Dallas 20 – Thanks Tony Romo and T.O, thanks very much.

Cleveland 10 @ Philadelphia 30 – I’m sure glad Cleveland has been on prime time TV every second week all season long. They are who we thought they were:

No matter how many times I hear that chant, it always puts a smile on my face. And you know what, just for the heck of it:

Man, do I love the internet.

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