Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Wow what a weekend, I was able to advance in all 4 leagues. The one league, the one that takes all my time, ended this past weekend and it was right down to the wire.

Unfortunately, The Davidson’s had the Logels over for Xmas thus Trebor missed watching the games and getting timely updates. However, with some of the early games ending it was not looking good, On his side Wayne, Clark, Rhodes all put up good numbers and the only guy I had was Andre Johnson so I was down by about 50.

Then out of nowhere KC decides not to play, Rivers goes from having 3 points to 21 quicker than this basketball going up in flames. In this league you get bonus points, so for qb if he throws over 300 that’s 17 pnts (1/ 25yrs then 5 bonus), in the last 2 minutes when Rivers threw for 160 yds and 2 td’s I was a happier than a Buccaneer at IHOP.

Some guys played in the afternoon, Deaneglo and Stewart brought my team within .5 points. We both had 1 player left, he had Eli and I had Westbrook. I was feeling pretty confident. Since Philly hates running the ball it was a close game, but Westbrook got 3.5 pnts on Monday night giving me an edge of 0.4 points. So many things could have changed the outcome and taken the $600 from my pocket… if Eli doesn’t heave up that last second INT, if Andre catches 1 less pass and doesn’t break the 200 yrd mark… If Chris Brown doesn’t miss that field goal. So many things once again hitting the point home that there’s a lot of luck involved.

My NFL league I’m a 5 point favorite and ?? I really just joined that league because I like the updates better than yahoo. Winning would bring a smile to my face because as in seemingly every league 2 guys who presumably don’t know each other make the worst trade. Right after Romo got hurt and the week Boldin was coming back, the one guy trades away Romo and Breaston, for Randy Moss and Rivers. My opponent is the benefactor of that trade, oh how I want to win.

This week I’m also favored to win the championship game in our very own Sports As Life league, though the previous 2 outings against this foe I have lost. However, I have made some changes to my lineup (how Pierre Thomas was available??), sitting Warner could be bad decision though with snow in the forecast against NE, he could be disastrous even though Oaktown just scored how many points against the Pats. It should be close thanks to Dallas Clark.

Also have my espn league where I’m favored by 40 pnts this week but it’s a 2 week playoff game so who knows how that will end.

All of this is some might say is bragging and I wouldn’t argue with that, but more so just to show that the Sports As Life fantasy guru isn’t just some bum off the street (Ed. Note - As opposed to the rest of the Sports As Life staff?). Well I used to be but not anymore, like the Dolphins rising up to glory after so long in the gutter. Did anyone think they would be better than KC this year, let alone the Patriots??? Anyway nothing but the best are hired, though that college guy still hasn’t answered my question…. How can the offensive player (a qb) of the year not be the top qb of the year?? It’s probably something stupid along the lines of the BCS system but I still want to know.

With most leagues ending or over for most I thought there would be no point doing a sit start thing, but rather a question to those readers. Is anyone interested in a playoff fantasy league? I know a couple out there from my other leagues but one can be created fairly easily by say, the editor.

These work a bit different as there is no draft and individual defensive players are usually picked. In a standard league you’d pick:

2 qb’s
2 rb’s
3 wr’s
1 Te
1 Flex
2 K’s
2 DL
2 LB
2 DB

Points for offensive players is the same and defense you get points for tackles, Forced fumbles, INT, sacks.

What makes it different is the fact that there can be 2 teams with the exact same roster, you can also just pick one team. If you think the J-E-T-S are going all the way then you can load up on all jet players and then throw in some NFC players. (note they aren’t going all the way, Favre stinks… besides that one game where he threw 5 TD’s he’s been very mediocre.)

Last year it wasn’t that interesting because everyone had New England players. So most people had Brady, maroney, Moss, welker, Watson, Gostkowski. Then the difference would be one guy liked Green Bay, another guy like Dallas or whoever.

Your picking guys from teams that you think will go far, however they don’t need to be playing in the superbowl to win the league for you. If you think Dallas as wildcard should win their 1st game and their 2nd but then lose in the conference finals. That means they play 3 games, the same amount that Pittsburgh or one of the other first round bye teams might play. The max any team will play is 4, which was the case with the giants last year.

There’s a few things to consider that make it interesting, say Tennessee playing 3 games I for one would say their offensive stars would be about the same as Arizona’s stars in 2 games. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are in that same boat with no offense so picking their players is risky.

Adding in Defensive players is also fun since last year for 2nd place it came down to 2 players. One team had Adalius Thomas and the other had Brusci, all the other players were either the same or had been eliminated. Because of a sack at the end of the superbowl, the team with Thomas won by 1 pnt or something like that.

Anyway let if there’s enough interest maybe Ed. will create a league again, or if you want to know more just let me know. the other great thing is there’s no limit in size in the leagues. One league has 17 teams already and it will probably have more so people can join up at any time. There’s almost always something on the line $10, $20... since there’s no limit people usually throw in 2 teams.

So I finally got the video uploaded… this is what Rob and I tried doing last weekend, looks like fun, however since we were boarding we thought we need a bigger chute and well it ended up looking like this .


Napoleon in Rags said...

Do you make these playoff leagues online, or what? I've never heard of one before. I'm sure I'd be willing to join - I certainly don't have a whole lot else going on.

Napoleon in Rags said...

Well now that fantasy leagues the world 'round should be done for the year (save playoff leagues, I guess), I for one would like to Trebor for another excellent season of Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby.